October 24, 2007


We’ve been going back and forth regarding whether we should post mention of the wildfires that are plaguing Southern California. Truthfully, the devastation is so bad we didn’t think we had words fitting enough to give this nightmare justice. With all of our employees living in either San Diego or Orange County, we are not kidding when we say the fires are at our door. While fortunately none of our homes are in immediate danger, many of our friends and family have had to evacuate. Worse, some are still awaiting word whether they have a home to return to.


Scene outside of Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Orange County.

However, if any solace can be taken it would come from the outpouring of generosity from volunteers, city officials, and yes, even our government. Both Gov. Schwarzenegger and President Bush have vowed they would provide immediate help in all forms, including enacting FEMA, financial aid, and the use of military planes and helicopters. Living a few miles outside of Camp Pendleton, we can attest that the skies are filled with air power. So much so that the roar of chopper blades has now drowned out the constant wail of police and firetruck sirens.

All in all, rescue and evacuation efforts have been extremely organized. Many shelters, including Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, have stated that they have MORE than enough donations and supplies. This even includes medical aid, pet food and crates, and entertainment. Crazy as it sounds, many local performers, artists and bands have gone unprompted to these shelters to provide a much needed distraction for those who are the most adversely affected.

It makes us extremely proud to be a part of these communities that have demonstrated, literally an extreme grace under fire.

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