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Summer Intern Approved | The RVCA Cooler Satchel

iphone 006Take this RVCA vacancy cooler with you anywhere. The uses are endless and so are the beers that fit inside this handy parrot covered man purse. Avoid wrapping your beers up in a t-shirt or getting caught looking like a bum by drinking out of a brown paper bag!  It’s no longer a mission hauling your 6 pack down to the beach, you can disguise this cooler as a beach bag and look super trendy while doing it.

Pictured Above: Jodie Totes the VA Cooler Satchel on the San Clemente Pier, wearing the Brixton Nora Hat

rvca cooler 5

Take it on the trolley to hide your beers from thirsty under aged groms, OR take it on your way to Del Mar racetracks to fit in with stylish hipsters. It might even help you pick up on ladies at the beach or race tracks, some girls dig guys that aren’t afraid to wear a murse. When you get thirsty or sober up too early, no worries, this cooler is right by your side filled to the rim with your choice of booze. Once you run out, this cooler doubles as a satchel to hold miscellaneous items such as egg burritos and monster energy drinks. This bird covered cooler is a must have for summer. There are only a few left, so get RVCA’s tropicooler satchel at SWELL.



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