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Coachella Lineup Coundown: Cloud Nothings

Why is Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” of 2012 on the fine print of the last day of Coachella ? Maybe, they’re trying to keep people from leaving…. either way Dylan Baldi doesn’t care.

cloud nothings coachella

Genres: Indie Rock, Neo Grunge, Post Hardcore, Lo-fi Frenetic, Noise Rock

Fast Facts: Dylan Baldi was only 18 when he started Cloud Nothings
-Baldi dropped out of college to play his first big show in 2009
-Cloud Nothings almost went by the name “Crazy Dorm Stories”
-Attack on Memory album was named to make people forget about the band’s previous sound
-Most of the band skates
-Baldi played piano in the school band

First album: “Turning On” every instrument recorded by frontman Dylan Baldi in his parent’s basement in Westlake, OH

Third album: “Attack On Memory,” was released in January 2012. It was the first album in 2012 to receive “Best New Music” status on Pitchfork.com.

Self Proclaimed: “I made huge lists of fake band names. When I was trying to decide on names for the Myspace pages, I was like, Oh, how about that one? That’s how Cloud Nothings came about. I wrote it down years ago. I don’t know why.”

Members: Dylan Baldi -lead singer and guitar
Joe Boyer -guitar
TJ Duke -Bass
Jayson Gerycz -drums

Also Seen Playing: FYF Fest, SXSW Fest, Velvet Jones SB Apr 15, His Parents Basement


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