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DIY: Succulent Frame

In need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Lucky for you, you little procrastinating spawn, you, this DIY is heavier on the planting than the planning. Wood, dirt, and of course, love, go into this succulent frame, so guaranteed he’ll dig it. Maybe it’ll even make up for the time you diluted his scotch bottle with water. Maybe. You’ll need about an hour (plus time to gather some succulents – from your own yard of course). Think you’re not the hammer-wielding type? Remember what dad said, “You can do anything if you try.” So take his advice, put down the phone, and make him something he’d be proud of.
Read on for the step by step instructions…
Small succulents
Potting soil
Chicken wire (NOT hardware mesh)
Wire cutters

Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour to assemble + time to collect succulents

Step 1: Get to collecting succulents. Most will re-root from cuttings, so save yourself some money and snap off some small pieces from larger plants. You can grab a few stand-out ones at a garden center to sprinkle in.

Step 2: Take apart your frame. Toss the glass. Turn the frame so you’re looking at the back of it. (Carefully) cut a piece of chicken wire slightly larger than your frame, and place it where the glass used to be. Make sure it covers the inner sides of the fame, then bend in any pieces that reach beyond that. Did I mention, be careful, it’s sharp. If you have a staple gun, you can staple the wire to the sides of the frame for extra security.

Step 3: Add moss to cover the chicken wire. You don’t NEED moss, but it will fill in any sparse areas, as well as help keep the soil intact while the plants take root.

Step 4: Add a layer of soil.

Step 5: Measure twice, cut once. Dad would be proud of that one. Measure your frame, and cut a piece of thin plywood or particle board to cover the back. It needs to be big enough to overlap the edges about halfway, but not hang over them. Basically, you want your backing to be about 1/4 inch smaller than your frame. Nail it on.
*Alternatively, you can use the back of the frame (if it’s sturdy enough to stand up to watering and rot that is) and attached it via 4 small pieces of wood that attach to the frame with nails, and overlap onto the frame backing.

Step 6: Get to planting. Flip the frame over, so you’re looking at the front. Start making small holes in the moss, and inserting the succulents through the chicken wire and moss. Bend the wire a bit to help hold the plants in place.

Step 7: Water it. Gift it. You’ll need to keep it flat for a few weeks, while the plants establish roots. Then your dad can hang it on the wall next to your “most improved” trophy. Make sure to take it down and water it every so often.

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