Giant Kelp Forest Thriving off San Onofre!
August 19, 2010
kelp forest off San Clemente

If you are like us and you noticed the unusual abundance of kelp appearing off San Clemente then you are not alone.

Researches are now saying that the artificial reefs planted by Southern California Edison are beginning to show signs of success and so far results look promising. The kelp restoration project has been successful thus far thanks to efforts by ecologists and the power company. The artificial reefs that hold the ecologically significant algae were planted to offset damages from the power plant just south of San-O where large kelp forests were once present.

So pretty much this is the marine equivalent of re-planting an entire forest… only its sheephead and garabaldi that flourish rather than birds and monkeys…

kelp forest off San Clemente
Drive south on the 5 around Calafia and you will see the growing plumes of brown thalluses popping up everywhere

This $46 million dollar project will not only support our defenseless sea creatures, but it will also keep the surf glassy for sessions at San-O and San Clemente. Plus now Chuck’s nursing whites will have a healthier food source with all the new marine life.
Kelp Thalluses..

Read the full story below and be stoked that artificial marine innovations are finally panning out!