Gear Analysis of John John’s Pipeline Victory
February 2, 2012

It’s no coincidence that progressive surfing and the evolution of it’s equipment have a direct correlation. The historic 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro tested surfing’s best gear in life-threatening conditions… rewarding glory to some, and getting gory on the rest. One 19yr old man’s equipment passed that test, here’s how.

Success in pro surfing is no longer left to fate and raw talent. The equipment developed in this multi-billion dollar industry rivals the technology used by NASA. Kevlar, carbon-fiber, elastane, diet regiments, and Olympic style training have become the status-quo in pro surfing. When surfers pick their sponsors today, they are fully aware that riding for a brand with sub-par products is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

John John Florence’s dramatic last second victory over Jamie O’Brien looked impossible, but the unmake-able wave that he pulled, can be traced back to his cutting edge equipment. This John John gear guide can help an average surf step up his game through the lip and beyond.

His Fins: With most fins you have to choose between quick bursts of speed at take-off, or hold and drive in your bottom turn. The Techflex fins from Futures feature a fast lightweight core with a reinforced carbon-fiber base for hold in the bottom turn, then more carbon in the tip for additional drive. John John looked completely maxed out after his bottom turn, but his fin gave him that extra thrust, when most others would have succomed to the speed and turbulence of a 10ft backdoor freight train.


Tailpad: The winning wave would’ve bounced any other surfer off his board… even the cameramen started to pan away from that wave. After surfing 4 heats on the final day, all the finalists we’re guys using tailpads. John John’s signature posi-traction pad stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won’t rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. The specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. The proof is in the pudding, and The John John Traction is the winningest tailpad at pipe this decade.


Boardshorts: The all around best piece of John John’s gear that can help the any guy in any activity is his signature boardshort. Whether you’re shooting hoops, or getting shot out of the barrel, you’ll feel the difference of the 4 way epic-stretch technology by O’Neill. They stretch better, dry faster, and fit for Mr. Pipeline of his generation.

The secret is out, so step up your surfing with John John’s signature gear at SWELL.COM