Five SWELL Solutions to Easy Halloween Costumes
October 21, 2011

1. The Neff Fox Trucker might be your easiest alternative to your girlfriend dressing you up like a sailor or an Avatar. Plus you can pull some “foxy” one-liners to those on the prowl this Halloween.

Only $26 at SWELL

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2. With Movember starting Tuesday, get a jump on your mo-themed gear for Halloween. Volcom even offers up a generous solicitaion of “free rides”..what ever that means.

Swell offers a “mo” than enough stache selections here.


3. Add petchuli oil, a “blood for oil” sign on a stick, some flowers behind your ear, and you’ll be hip with the hippies.

Get the Element “Protect Freedom” tee today.

4. Spirit hoods are purrrrfect for partiers on the prowl. Put on some Duran Duran and take over the dance floor in this feisty look. A great piece to have for any spontaneous costume party, or Coachella.

Grrrrrrrab your Spirit Hoods at Swell

5. Wolf Pack Enforcer, Pipeline Master, Sunny Garcia, Rasta-Man…what ever you call it, you can pull it off with some rasta threads and beach gear, without buying something you cant wear again for a year.

Pipemasters is coming in December, and Swell has all the official gear that you can combo into a costume by pairing it with Zinka sunscreen, and a peirside hat from Quiksliver. Browse all rasta style apparel and accessories at SWELL