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Wish We Were Here: Ecuador | Part 3 A Mini Travel + Style Guide with Guest Blogger Leah.

After a long week at the contest, we headed down the coast to explore some beautiful beaches and surf spots. Driving along the Ecuadorian coastline is like nothing I have ever done before. All the homes are made mostly of bamboo and every home has at least one hammock hanging out front. When we reached our destination, Montañita, I fell in love with everything around me. The dirt roads are lined with bamboo beach shacks complete with surfboards and hammocks out front. There were about five different fruit stands selling fresh cut coconuts and every restaurant had bamboo benches and big bohemian pillows – it was beautiful! Not only was the town heavenly, but the surf was amazing and the beach was perfect.

My time here was spent snorkeling along the reef, sipping on coconut water, napping in hammocks, and shopping in the colorful markets. With this kind of lifestyle I pretty much just lived in my bikini and kimono. While shopping and exploring the town my overalls became my best friend and my neon tank was meant to be worn in such a happy little beach shack town. Also since the days are long here, evening swims are incredibly fun and with a cozy little wetsuit like this one, you are warm enough to do a little snorkeling before night.

DSC_0875 DSC_0885-645
Here are some tips if traveling around Ecuador:
#1 Go to Montañita!! It is by far the greatest place I have ever visited.

#2 When you are just about to arrive in Montañita you will pass through a town called, Manglaralto, stop here and go shopping. You will find the greatest hammocks and gifts. I bought THREE hammocks here.

#3 Stay at the Balsa Surf Camp. Google it – you’ll see why I fell in love with their bungalows.

DSC_0983 #4 Take a day and travel up to Los Frailes beach. It is a part of a National Park so it is incredibly clean and not crowded. The beach is absolutely amazing!

Pictured Above: Overalls | Shell Tank | Kimono | Billabong Bikini | Billabong Surf capsule Wetsuit

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