Dudeski’s Crappy Lunch Break/ Non-Surf Report
February 18, 2009

Heinous wrong doing. Today sucks for me. It started off so jovial, but quickly turned into a pile of animal scat. Every time I get the green light to hit the beach for a little surf session to help break up the monotony, I’m off like a prom dress, bee-lining it straight to the spot me mates tell me is breakin’ best. Well today I absolutely blew it. Mind you I do what I did today everyday, but today I finally got caught. Rats. An illegal turn that gives me ten more minutes of surf time. He finally nabbed me. I see where he hides everyday, but today he hid in a new spot behind some shrubbery up on the bluff a bit. This new secret hiding spot is completely impossible for me to see. Once I did my little illegal-turn-thingyl; there he was. Outta nowhere. Boom, fo’ real! Well gettin this $320 ticket wastes an entire Saturday in traffic school, but the violation was inevitable since I make that turn twice a day. Oh well. That’s the way it goes I guess. When I finally reached the beach I witnessed “victory at sea” conditions. Overall completely lacerated. But although it was a total junk show, there were still a few little spicy, lippy thingys that I was willing to try and smack. I luckily was able to hit a few, which helped me blow off a little steam. I definitely needed that due to the aforementioned mishap. Millertime said the southside of the pier was really fun this morn, and there’s a pretty decent bar on the south side right now. Rumor has it Millertime and the crew got a few good pics. And yes! Did all you kids in computer land notice that my video documentation abilities have improved immensely since last time? I’ve been runnin’ with Scorsese this past week. Well, until next time then.