January 11, 2008


For everyone who bitches that the surf industry is run by kooks who don’t surf, come on over to our house. Our men’s buyer, Christine, won the commitment challenge over New Year’s when she and her posse rambled 13 tough hours past the boarder to San Juanico’s legendary Scorpion Bay. What used to be a super sleepy, semi-secret fishing village is slowing growing into one of Baja’s more popular surf destinations, complete with a camp, a small restaurant and bar, and handfuls of trailer-living ex-pats enjoying life on the outskirts. But the surf itself is still holding strong, with three point breaks that offer consistent right-handers, especially during big south swells. Christine was nice enough to let us post some of her photos, as long as we swore not to reveal their secret spots.

Praying for surf at Mission San Ignacio.



Shucked clam shells cover nearly a mile of this desolate beach north of San Juanico.



There’s plenty of Bass and Corbina fishing after the day’s marathon session.




Locals tried to turn this plane wreck into a glass-bottom boat. No such luck.




The town gets down on New Year’s Eve. Tecate is the drink of choice.




Paddle surfing at the point.




Checking out the local scenery.




Rush hour traffic.





The cemetery at Mission San Ignacio.




Sunset Sea Bass fishing.




Spot checking from one of the three points.




Not so friendly locals.




Eatin’s good in the neighborhood.




Typical head-high day.




The vultures are circling.




Shells at The Wall.



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