DIY: Yarn Bombed Sandals
July 12, 2013

DIY: Yarn Bombed Sandals
Or as I like to call them, my friendship flops, or stringer slippahs for those of the island persuasion. This week’s DIY inspo came from pure logic: rainbows are rad, sandal season, also rad. So, logically speaking of course, rainbow sandals = rad. Yeah, I didn’t just go to school to eat lunch. This 20-minute transformation lets you customize your classics, while adding a little extra cushion to the straps. Get out a pair of rubber flip flops (or leather sandals if you’re feeling fancy)  and let your friendship flag fly.
Read on for the how-to…

Rubber Sandals (pictured: Billabong Sandals)
– Embroidery yarn (the kind used to make friendship bracelets)
– Glue (epoxy, super glue, or other non-edible adhesive)

Step 1: Pick your colors. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Step 2: Use a toothpick/plastic knife or something you can toss to add a thin layer of glue to the top and bottom of one of the straps.

Step 3: Start wrapping! Start on the underside of the strap. Glue the end of the string parallel to the strap, then wrap around it so that the end is hidden. Continue wrapping, swapping out the color every so often. End on the underside of the strap, tucking the end of the yard into the base of the sandal (where the strap fits in), and secure it with an extra dab of glue.

Step 4: Repeat with the other strap.
Step 5: Repeat with the other sandal.

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