DIY: Studded Lattice Tank
June 7, 2013

Happy DIY Friday! Today’s DIY takes some inspo from these lattice waist dresses and the season’s lace-back tops. The cut-outs give them the perfect amount of edge. We re-created the look by customizing one of our favorite new Billabong tanks. Want to re-create the look? Get the how-to below…

Pictured above: Lovers + Friends Maxi Dress / Grey Cut-Out Dress

Tank or Tee (pictured: Billabong Tank)
Metal Studs (with prongs to attach to fabric)
Chalk or Pencil

diy-tank-cut copy
Step 1: Lay out your tank on a flat surface. With the chalk or pencil, outline where you want the lattice to be. Draw vertical lines about an inch apart inside of that space.

Step 2: Cut along the vertical lines. See image above.

Step 3: You now have a tank with a good amount of slits cut into the back of it (I cut 30 slits total on this one). Cut out every 3rd strip. Example: Leave the left side and first strip, then cut the 3rd strip out. Leave the next 2, then cut the next one out. Continue on cutting every 3rd piece out. See image above.

Step 4: Get to studding. Starting from the top left side. Take one piece of fabric from the left of where you cut the first piece out, and one from the right. Add a stud to connect the two pieces a few inches from the top. hold in place with the stud’s prongs. Continue on with adding studs (see image above for placement). If your fingers hurt from studding, you may want to grab a pair of pliers and/or a warm glass of shut the hell up.

DONE! This DIY should tack you about an hour total, depending on how fast you can chug that glass.

I added a few cut-outs and studs at the straps as well, just to tie it all in.

Finished Tank:

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