DIY: Shell Hair Pins Wear sea shells by the sea shore
March 11, 2013

If you’re like me, you have a fairly impressive collection of sea shells from various vacations and low tide beach runs (which inevitably turn into shell-collecting strolls).  So instead of the annual Mother’s Day shell picture frame, try this insanely simple DIY and turn your shells into hair accessories. They take about zero time to make, and are great for small gift items.

– Small Shells (nothing larger than a quarter)
– Hair Pins (craft stores carry pins with a flat surface attached – these hold the shells best, but you can use regular ones as well)
– 2-Part Epoxy (you can find it at any hardware or craft store)
– Nail Polish (optional – if you want to paint them  – I left mine natural)

Step 1:  Collect some shells.* Rinse and dry completely.
Step 2: Mix your epoxy (see instructions on the tube). Let it set for a few minutes, until it’s a little tacky.
Step 3: Using the mixed epoxy, attached your shells to the pins.
Step 4: Paint! If you’re feeling fancy that is. Or paint with clear nail polish to bring out the colors a bit more.

Then add to your mermaid-inspired up-do.
*The best step.

Need some shell-picking gear? This bikini bottom from Made by Dawn has tiny pockets for collecting shells (and is an extra 20% off the sale price with code WIPEOUT)