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DIY: Jewelry Tree

If the stacking bracelets and layering necklaces trend equals a need for a new jewelry storage situation, you’re not alone. At about minute 9 into the usual 10-minute necklace detaining morning routine, came the inspiration (rather, necessity) to build one of these little legends. Meet the jewelry tree. Get the nearly instant DIY below…
Stick with lots of small branches (pictured: Farmed Manzanita)
Pot. A pot that is.
Rocks, shells, or sand to hold to the stick in place
In case the material list wasn’t self-explanatory enough…
Place the stick in the pot vertically, then set in place with rocks, shells or sand. Hang rad jewelry from aforementioned stick.

Necklaces pictured above from left to right: Sunahara / Vanessa Mooney / Marisa Haskell

Pictured: Vanessa Mooney

Pictured: Love Nail Tree Necklace / Robyn Rhodes Ring

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