DIY: Halter Neck Tee
May 24, 2013

It’s the (3-day) weekend! This Friday’s tee DIY will only set you back a few minutes, so you’ll have more time for sun, sand and surf. We love a classic crew neck, but sometimes a neon pink shirt just doesn’t stand out enough for the occasion (and by occasion, we mean Summer days of course). Option 1: cut off the entire neck. This creates a cooler (we’re talking temp-wise) off-the-shoulder look, but sometimes we find ourselves constantly tugging the sleeves up. So enter Option 2: the halter neck. The halter keeps the neckline from over-slouching, while still letting your shoulders get a little sunshine. Best part – the halter lines match up with bikini ties. Arguably the perfect Summer top.
(Pictured: Billabong Tee )
Read on for the ste-by-step

Scissors (the sharper the better)

Step 1: Make a vertical cut at the center back of the crew neck rib. Continue to cut along the back neckline, to the front of the tee. Repeat with the other side. **Make sure to leave about 4 inches ATTACHED at the center front.

Step 2: Tie the two pieces of rib together at the back of the neck. Finished!
Now off to the playa…

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