DIY Flower Sunglasses
July 19, 2013

Happy Friday! Time to get geared up for the sunny (fingers crossed) beach weekend ahead. Get extra amped for the fun ahead (like you need any more reasons to be excited for the weekend) with this week’s DIY: Flower Shades. Inspired by D&G’s baroque floral sunglasses, this 2013 festival style essential pretty much guarantees a smile. Read on for the simple how-to…shades4
*Sunglasses (Pictured: Quay Sunglasses) *Cat eyes or other vintage shaped frames work best
*Small flower beads or flower cabochons (you can find these at a bead store or search on Esty)
*Epoxy, or other strong adhesive

*Start by mixing your epoxy together with a disposable stir stick (toothpick, plastic knife, etc). Let it set for a few minutes – just until it turns from liquid to a bit tacky.
*Starting in the upper, outside corner of your sunglasses, start adding flowers. Dab a small dot of epoxy on the back of the flower, then press it on.
*Continue adding flowers, working towards the center. Be careful not to get any glue on the lens!
*If you want to tone it down, try adding a flower to each temple, or to the side of each sunglass arm.
Done! Now go rock your shades (and your smile) though the weekend.

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