DIY: Festival Fringe Top
March 28, 2013


This week’s tee DIY combines two of festival season’s best: vintage tees and fringe…lots of it. Because, as previously mentioned, rocking in the free world just isn’t the same without some fringe.
If you have an old tee, a bandeau, and about an hour, then read on for this festival season DIY.


Pictured: Billabong Bandeau Bikini, SUPERbrand Tee

*Oversized tee (or 2 if you want it to wrap around in the back)
*Sharp scissors (good) or a rotary cutter (better)
*Liquid Stitch fabric glue
*Optional: needle/thread. This will help hold the top to the bandeau, but isn’t completely necessary

Estimated Time:
1 Hour using a rotary cutter. Maybe 1.5 using sharp scissors.

STEP 1: Measure
Measure how large you want your top to be, No need to be exact. Measure:
Length – from where the neckline will begin, until where you want your top to end.
Width – around the widest part of your chest. If you don’t want it to connect in the back, then only measure as far as you want it to go.
Add a few inches to both measurements.
This size medium was made using: Length: 16″, Width: 32″ + 2 inches added to each (so 18″ x 34″)

STEP 2: Cut the Base
Cut a rectangle out of your tee to the above measurements. This will be your base.

STEP 3: Cut the Strips
Cut four (4) 6″ tall strips from the tee, as wide as needed (so going by the above, 6″ tall x 34″ wide).
If your width measurement is larger than the tee (or your tee has side seams), it’s fine to cut a few pieces to get to that width. We will be cutting the pieces up anyway, so you won’t notice the difference in the final product.

STEP 4: Create Fringe
Fringe-out the above 6″ pieces. Cut small strips into the pieces, creating the fringe. Leave an 1″ at the top of each uncut. This uncut part will be used to glue the fringe piece onto the base. This is where you’ll wish you had a rotary cutter!

STEP 5: Glue
Get out the glue. Starting from the bottom, glue your fringe pieces onto the base, overlapping each about 2″ to 3″. Start by drawing a line of glue about 4″ from the bottom of the large rectangle fabric (your base). Then add one of the four 6″ fringe pieces to the top of the glue line, and press it down. If you had to cut more than one strip of fabric to create the entire width, add a dab of glue to the top of the previous fringe piece to hold it in place. Repeat with the next 3 fringe pieces, making sure to overlap each at least a few inches.

STEP 6: Trim
Trim any fringe pieces that reach beyond the base on either side (but not on the bottom). See the final rectangular base, with fringe attached, above.

STEP 7: Attach to Bandeau
Tip: A structured bandeau will work better than one without boning in the sides at preventing wardrobe malfunctions. See our suggestions for bandeaus below.
Fold the top of the finished fringe rectangle into the inside your bandeau (so if you were wearing the bandeau, you would fold it in towards yourself. Then attach with either fabric glue, or, for a better hold, use a needle and thread to tack it in place.
Then get to rockin’ your fringe!

Bandeau suggestions, pictured above:
Stussy Bustier Top
L*Space Underwire Top
Billabong Reversible Bandeau

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No tee? No problem.
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