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DIY: Dreamcatcher Jewelry Holder

Sometimes you find a piece of statement jewelry (or in this case, three from Child of Wild), that
is simply too amazing to put away. Rather than tossing it back into the jewelry box, incorporate your prized piece into your decor via an oversized dreamcatcher.
Now you can stare at your favorite piece, in all of it’s shiny grandeur, every day. Read on for the 15 minute how-to…

*  Large embroidery hoop (available at craft stores)
* 1/2″ to 2″ wide strips of fabric, leather, lace, feathers…depending on the style you’re going for here
* Yarn (for this one, I subbed in thin vintage lace for yarn)
* Very small S-hooks

* Use your yarn to create a star pattern. I found these instructions very easy to follow.
* After you’ve created a star pattern, loop S-hooks into the design wherever you’d like to hang your necklaces. Note: for hanging necklaces as displayed, you’ll use an S-hook at the closed ring end, and the necklace’s clasp to attach the other side.
* Last step: tie your pieces of fabric, leather, ribbon, etc around the base of the embroidery hook and hang.

Pictured: Child of Wild Necklaces

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