DIY: Dolman Sleeve Tee How to turn a men's tee into a dolman sleeve top
February 25, 2013
diy-tee copy

diy-tee copy
Want to take advantage of the 1000+ styles of men’s surf tees on SWELL? Me too. But I’m also not the type to wear a men’s tee (aside from using one as a rashguard on long beach days that is). So here’s a quick fix to turn your oversized men’s tee into a fitted dolman sleeve top. Give yourself about 15 minutes from start to finish.
Pictured above: SUPERbrand French Tee

Read on for instructions…


How To: Convert a Men’s Tee into a Dolman Sleeve Top:
* Materials: You’ll need a large men’s tee (the bigger the better), sharp scissors and a sewing machine (or need, thread, and patience)

* Steps:
– Cut off the neck (see photo above). Cut off less than you think (start with 1″ outside the original neckline), as you can always go back and cut more. Also, note that it will tend to stretch out a bit, so keep the snipping conservative.
– Turn the tee inside-out
– Sew, then cut (and not the other way around) along the dotted lines above. You’ll want the bottom and sleeve cuffs to be very fitted, and the rest to be very loose. I prefer to sew, then cut, so that you can go back and fit sizing easier. It also helps to keep the sides together while you’re sewing.
– Turn it right-side out.
– Tah. Dah. Dolman Sleeve Tee.

Any questions/thoughts…leave a comment below.
Happy DIYing!

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