DIY: Chain Bag Camera Strap
November 22, 2013

Any photographer would agree, the first step to taking great photos is to have your camera. No doy, right? But that’s often the step we miss out on most – often because we don’t want to carry the thing around. So we made ours into something we DID want to carry around by adding a classic chain bag strap.
Read on for the simple how-to…

First, you’ll need a camera and purse with a removable chain.
(pictured above: Rebel Studded Bag | Quilted Chain Bag (we used this one for the photos) | Woven Chain Bag )

HOW-TO: Remove the chain from your bag. Use the clasps to connect the chain to the strap holders. Done. If the clips are too large, you may need to invest 20 cents or so on some strong split key rings. Connect those to the camera, then clasp on the chain.

(pictured above: Vanessa Mooney Handpiece | Chevron Cuff | Aqua Pura Vida Friendship Bracelet | Gold Infinity Midi Ring | Turquoise Midi Ring )

Voila! The perfect holiday party accessory.
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