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DIY: Chain Bag


Just to set the record straight, I love a good clutch. It’s perfect for traveling, and your friends will never ask you to lug their phones in your purse…sorry, no room. But sometimes, a clutch isn’t so…clutch. Said times include dancing, drinking, and any occasion where you may be inclined to hold a drink and, say, a taco. So in comes the DIY tip of the week – turn your clutch or foldover wallet into a hands-free chain bag with the help of a long necklace. It’s a 2-second fix, that will come in handy (ha ha, get it, handy!?) pretty often. Keep it in mind for next time you’re packing for a trip. Instead of packing an extra going out purse, just bring a long necklace and your wallet.
Check out the visual How-To Guide after the jump…

Clutch or Foldover Wallet (Pictured: Stela 9 Wallet)
Long Necklace (Pictured: Marisa Haskell Necklace)

I should really say “step” not “steps”. Simply open your clutch or wallet, sling your necklace through the fold crease, and close. That’s it – instant shoulder strap.
diy-chain-bag2Try it for yourself…Shop Bags (including new chain bags)
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