DIY: Chain Back Tee or Tank
May 3, 2013

We’re off to the Billabong XXL Awards tonight, so this today’s tee DIY had to be a little more class-ay to make the evening’s outfit cut. A low back tank is always a winner, and extra hardware adds some needed edge to this oh-so soft tri-blend tee. Read on for instructions on how to make your own in about 10 minutes. diy-materials

Tee (I’d suggest some of these tri-blend 3-pack tees – they’re unisex sizing, or this Jack O’Neill Tee pictured below)
Chain or Necklace (pictured: Vanessa Mooney)
Sharp Scissors (make sure they’re sharp)
Large Jump Rings OR Needle and Thread – read on for the explanation

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves,, as well as at the neckline. Cut a deep U shape at the back (see dotted lines above).

Step 2: Decide on whether you want the chain(s) or necklace(s) fixed, or if you want to be able to remove them or swap them out. If you’re only adding one or two necklaces/chains, I’d recommend using jump rings so that you can remove the necklace/chain when you wash the tank. If you’re planning on adding several chains, I would sew each on with a needle and thread.

Step 3: If using jump rings. At the top of the shoulders, add a jump ring to each. Do not cut a hole, just work the ring through the knit. Loop on the necklace, then, using pliers, close the rump ring. You could stop at the one chain or necklace, or keep adding more down the back. Again, if you’re adding several chains, I’d recommend sewing them on with a needle and thread (see below image for an example of what that would look like)


(Variation: Leave the sleeves and neckline. Cut horizontal slits across the back of the tee, then add multiple chains with a needle and thread).

Done! To wash your tee, I’d recommend removing the necklace if you attached it with jump rings (just twist open and remove both the rings and the chain/necklace). Then you can wash as normal.
Pair it with a killer side slit maxi skirt, and you’re ready to rock.


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No tee? No problem.
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