DIY: Camo Nails
July 26, 2013

Starting to notice a surplus of style lately? You can expect to see a sea of camouflage this Fall, covering everything from sweaters to sandals. Paired with army greens and balanced by girly pieces, it’s sure to be a stand-out (or, rather, blend in!) trend this season. So for this week’s DIY, we’re diving in, tips first, with camo nails.
To get the head-to-toenail camo look, I turned to my favorite girly nail bar in Encinitas, the Leu Leu Beauty Bar for an expert execution strategy. And they nailed it (pun intended)….using eco-friendly polish of course. Read on for steps on how-to achieve camouflage nails…

(Nails Photos Credit: Evan Tipton)

* Eco-Friendly base coat
* Eco-Friendly khaki cream nail polish
* Eco-Friendly dark brown nail polish
* Eco-Friendly olive green nail polish
* Eco-Friendly black nail polish
* Eco-Friendly top coat
* Dotting tool or blunt toothpick

Camo 1


Step 1: Start out with clean smooth nails

Step 2: Apply base coat to all nails. Once the base coat is completely dry, apply the khaki cream polish to all nails and let the khaki cream polish dry thoroughly.

Step 3: On a sheet of paper drop a few drops of the olive green polish. Using a dotting tool or blunt toothpick apply 2-3 ameba shaped dots of the olive green polish per nail- scatter them in different shapes and sizes on each nail.

Step 4: Once the green has dried repeat this step using the dark brown polish. Scatter the ameba shapes, allowing some to overlap the green polish.

Step 5: Using the black polish repeat the previous step placing more ameba shapes randomly, allowing some to overlap the other colors.

Step 6: Once all the colors are dry apply the top coat. For a more authentic look, use a matte top coat!

Step 7: Lastly, visit Leu Leu Beauty Bar for great nail care TIPS and fabulous Eco-Friendly nail art designs!

Camo and Roses

If you’re in the San Diego area, I’d highly suggest checking out the Leu Leu Beauty Bar in Encinitas/Leucadia. You’ll get an ice cream soak, and an ultra girly location to go with your ECO-friendly mani.

(Leu Leu Beauty Bar Photos Credit: Studio Carré Photographie)

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