Dane Reynold’s Neck Beard now Availabe at SWELL!
August 25, 2011
morgan's neck beard

Listen up folks! It’s time shed your turtlenecks and show off that growth below your chin and lower jaw. Thanks to Dane Reynolds and CI, Neck Beards are in, and now available at SWELL!

Dane Reynolds On His Neck Beard - Photo: Ellis - Borrowed from cisurfboards.com

As Dane’s new favorite free-surf board, this ugly little bugger took about a year of extensive field-testing and experimentation to perfect. It features a straight chop tail and a bit more girth through to the nose to give you better rail to rail surfing in all types of conditions.

The Mighty Neckbeard

The Neck Beard is similar to its cousin, the Dumpster Diver, but features a flatter and stubbier design with a shallower concave and a V though the back. The result is a super-fast, user-friendly board that will liven up most any session. Dane rides his N’eard in anything from 1 foot to overhead, which for many of us anchored here in Southern California is pretty much the extent of our wave scale.

Neck Beard by Mr. Dane Reynolds

The Neck Beard is a necessary addition to anyone’s quiver and if you’ve already seen it in Dane’s Lost Atlas seggy, then I don’t have to tell you that this board was made to blow minds.

What more can I say? I mean the board even has its own Twitter account

Still not convinced? Check out this vid and try not to drool on your keyboard.

You can almost feel the stubble forming beneath your filthy jowls can’t you?

Get your very own Neck Beard Here at SWELL

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Morgan's Neckbeard