November 1, 2007



The benefits of working for the world’s premiere online surf retailer are, as you would expect, vast and never ending. But one of the best perks by far is getting to work with the best photographers and artists in the business. The images above and below provide a before-and-after of sorts. The “before” being the original photo as we received it, with the “after” being our catalog cover once our art directors perfect it for our purposes. In the series above, the shot was taken by Jeff Hornbaker during a massive swell in Tahiti. As stunning as the original photo is, it becomes even more impressive when we tightened the shot to reveal that the lone surfer is actually a girl.



As a personal favorite, we have Brian Nevins‘ vision of three journeymen traveling through beautiful parts unknown, somewhere in New Hampshire. We received so many questions surrounding this shot regarding the location, the break, the distance they had walked, and whether the shot was staged. We decided it was best to just let it speak for itself.



Photographer DJ Struntz didn’t receive his first camera until his high school graduation. In fact, he hadn’t even considered pursuing photography until well after he earned his Masters in Biology from UNC Wilmington. However, a chance surf / photo trip to Pascuales, Mexico in 2002 changed all that. How lucky for us. This shot features Puerto Escondido at it’s finest, and we’re not kidding when we say our bags were packed five seconds after this came across our desk.