Coachella Lineup Countdown: White Arrows
February 15, 2013
White arrows band

It’s the v-day edition of your band checklist, so psyche out to a solid LA band that will rock your chonies off.
White arrows band

Genre: Psycho-tropical and impressionistic soundscapes of many dreamy genres
Band Members: Mickey Church: Vocals, Frontman
Henry Church: Drums
J.P. Caballero: Guitar
Andrew Naeve: Keyboards and beats
Steven Vernet: Bass

Self Proclaimed: “We like it to be a total sensory overload, a lot of projections, a lot of strobes, haze and fog. Like a complete sensory takeover. We like people, for that hour, to have a complete uninterrupted experience and whatever happens, happens. Just to be in the moment.”

Latest album: Dry Land Is Not A Myth (2012)
Random facts:Mickey Church was born legally blind, but his vision was righted at age 11yrs. He then created his own college major at NYU about this phenom.

They do a buncha free shows up the Ca coast and yonder. follow the boys here

Must Hear Track: Get Gone


White Arrows Style: Hula shirts, Cat-eye sunnies, cloth snap-backs and retro boardies