SWELL Takes Over 8th Hole of Waterman’s Golf Tournament
July 15, 2010
Players had to get past the C4 and Bill

Last Thursday Swell sponsored the 8th hole at SIMA’s 10th annual Waterman’s Weekend Golf Tournament at the St. Regis perched over the Salt Creek line-up. Surfer’s and their sponsors took the links to tee off amid company sponsored parties at each tee box.

In years past golfers surfed a wave at middles for a score to add on their card, but this year’s hazards came in the form of models playing beer pong and tequila cannonballs. Swell fully re-created the cult comedy classic Caddyshack at one of the more difficult holes of the course. Nobody left our Bushwood country club without getting tanked by an exploding golf ball, Peligroso tequila suicides or the heckles of our very own crossed-eyed Carl.

As the day progressed the surfing legends teed off our own homegrown Kentucky Bluegrass featherbed mixed with Northern California sensemilla, and put on a show of their own. Julian Wilson looked Slater-esk, driving the ball as naturally as he rips in the water. Timmy Reyes chipped towards an even score until his buzzed buddy at O’Neil flug a driver at him as he teed off, lopping his shaft in half.

The classic moment of the day came when 3x world champ, Tom Curren shanked it on his drive, and when he asked for a mulligan ball Dave at Swell swapped it with an exploding one. When it popped and covered Tom in white powder everybody froze, unsure of how the stoic champ would react. He finally cracked a smile, talked some smack, and went on to receive “Waterman of the Year” honors.

The day was definitely a lighthearted way to get everyone together on the course and raise money for the SIMA Environmental fund.