SWELL Fantasy Surfer Challenge – Billabong Rio Pro & the 24 hour Lockdown
May 23, 2011
Adriano Wins, Bill Loses - Photo Credits: Jonathan

Adriano Wins, Bill Loses - Photo Credits: Jonathan

Team Scores (Click Here to See the Teams):

Dave – 713
Morgan – 670
Nutt – 658
Billy – 646

The Billabong Rio Pro was a close one. We were all sure our Catalog Mastermind, The-Not-So-Into-it Mr. Nutt, would get locked up, but Adriano’s win gave him an extra 200 points to narrowly defeat Bill. Bill, who had been laughing at Nutt the day before, didn’t realize his loss until well after Adriano had already been showed with champagne by his fellow Brazos. In half disbelief he reluctantly presented his neck for the cumbersome device and then bore the weight of his poor judgment for a grueling 24 hours. Above is the video of said feat. Watch him go from surf session to bar crawl and from breakfast to lawn bowls, in this telling tale of a man who can’t pick a Fantasy Surfer team to save his neck.

With now two losses under his belt (check out his “Dong Bong” – Shaming here for the Rip Curl Bell’s Pro), Bill claims, “There is no way I’m losing J-bay!”

Think you can beat our scores? Join SWELL’s FAN-tasy Surfer Challenge. Registration opens Thursday, June 2nd. Invite your friends, challenge the SWELL team, win prizes, talk smack.

Got a good idea for a shameful punishment? Before the JBay Pro a Facebook Punishment Poll will determine the consequences for losing the next event. Leave us a comment below and your suggestion might get dealt to one of the losers!

The next Event:
The Billabong Pro J-Bay
July 14-24
Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa