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So finally, the anticipated swell we’ve all been waiting for is rumored to be lurking out in the Pacific. Unfortunately, there’s allegedly a little more loitering off the coast: dun, dun, dun! That’s right, like ants at a picnic, or a black fly in your chardonnay, irony strikes in the form of Great White shark sightings in San Clemente. Starting last week, sightings of a 12-15 foot Great White have been reported as close 500 yards off shore near Seal Rock and Mariposa! Coincidentally, we have all been on the edge of our rolly chairs awaiting the big swell that is believed to hit any day now. Great waves and a Great White, super duper. I guess this separates the surfers from the “surfers”. While the sightings may have every bit of leg-sweeping seaweed peeing our wetties, at least the rumors might thin out the T-Street crowds.

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