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New at SWELL: Novella Royale

New at SWELL: Novella Royale.
Named after the founder/designer, Mary Myers’ daughter, Novella Royale encompasses youth, raw inspiration, and a bohemian spirit. With heavy classic rock influences, it’s no surprise that the line is embraced by celebs, fashion bloggers, and free spirits alike. Aside from it’s obvious eclectic style, each piece is over-the-top comfortable and seriously figure-flattering. Pair the Janis Bells with a pair of heeled shoes/boots and you’ll see what we mean.
Why did the SWELL buyers fall in love with the line? Has style, will travel. Each piece seems to be designed to go anywhere and everywhere…in stand-out style of course.
Ready to see the collection? Shop New from Novella Royale
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Clean. The best health buzz word around.

Sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free, fat-free, low-glycemic…yup, there are a whole bunch of health buzz words out there, in terms of your diet. It all seems to go in cycles, people adjust their diets, and gladly pay the extra $7 for specially baked gluten-free, no carb, no sugar, non bread, bread. I understand there are genuine food allergies, and necessary dietary restrictions people have, which makes people have no choice but to eat a certain way. But if that’s not you, really, there is one health buzz word that’s time tested, tried and true, really makes a difference, isn’t specially labeled, and really shouldn’t cost you any extra money because of it’s trend status…. (more…)

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New at SWELL: Baked x Stone Fox Swim

Get Baked – the new apparel and swim collection from Stone Fox Swim!
New at SWELL, one of our FAVORITE new swim lines, Stone Fox Swim, has just launched their first ever clothing line: Baked x Stone Fox Swim. The line was created to take the SFS girl from the beach to the street, without losing an ounce of the brand’s surf, love and rock & roll vibe. Read on for more about the line + WIN IT! (more…)

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Fall ’13 Trends: Vegan Leather

Cute & fuzzy animal lovers rejoice, vegan leather is on the rise this season. Faux leather has migrated from boots and bags to the main event. This season, expect to see large doses of the animal-friendly fabric, covering everything from trims to tanks. Not the vegan type? You’ll still dig two features faux has over the real thing: wash-ability and a reduced footprint (on your wallet). We love the edge it adds to otherwise girly styles and silhouettes…making for a perfect (and sometimes perforated) balance.
Shop the trend: Faux Leather
Pictured (left to right): Perforated Leather Tank / Billabong Vegan Leather Dress / Billabong Faux Leather Shoulder Fleece