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The annual Ocean Film Festival gets underway in San Francisco, February 1 -3. Now in its fifth year, the festival’s current focus concerns political and environmental issues threatening the sea’s life and lively hood. The image above is from “Sliding Liberia”, a documentary about the war torn and poverty stricken African region, and its children’s attempts to rebuild its future.

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Should you be in Santa Barbara on January 27th, we recommend you check out the highly anticipated “Bustin’ Down The Door“, premiering at the city’s annual film festival. An action-docu-drama (we just made that up), the film focuses on the 1975 turmoil when Oz and South African surfers Mark Richards, Rabbit Bartholomew, and Shaun Tomson made their debut on the North Shore, crashing headlong into a culture that wasn’t ready for a revolution.

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Why are we just know hearing about this? While browsing the latest submissions on Shred Or Die we stumbled across Dissent TV, which can only be described as a network pilot, disguised as celebrity insider interviews, disguised as action sport viral videos. While only four segments have been produced, hardcore fans are anxious for more. Featuring a low key interviewing style, host T. Hawk is able to bring out an everyday-dude side to Lance Armstrong, and then later goes on to showcase the mad vert skillz from Ed Helms of “The Office.” We dig it.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than You Tube, along comes Shred or Die, the world’s first video sharing site dedicated exclusively to all things action sports. A collaboration between the Or Die Networks (creators of Funny Or Die) and Tony Hawk’s THI/900 films, Shred is a one-stop shop for thrills, chills and bloody carnage (just do a search for Bucky Has A Baby to see what we mean.) Viewers are encouraged to leave comments as well as vote, with the hope that this ratings system will weed out any crap; i.e. don’t send in any clips of your mom. The vid above has been getting more eyeballs than a female guard at San Quentin.