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Featured look: Lucy Love Maxi Stella Dress

When a girl has to compete with impeccably Italian-tailored Tom Ford suits for the spotlight, her style has to be right on cue. Throughout the classy, martini-soused years of  James Bond movies, the leading ladies have been challenged with finding fashions that can take some of the light from the man every woman wants and every man wants to be—while still appearing strong, elegant, and capable of wielding a hand gun while driving the getaway car. Think Honey Rider’s (Ursula Andress) iconic swimsuit, or Pussy Galore’s (Honor Blackman) curve-hugging sweater dresses adorned with powerful menswear accents. Such a look was once again seamlessly executed in the recent James Bond: Quantum of Solace. The spicy new leading lady, Olga Kurylenko, manages to dress in pieces that match the savvy nature of a Bond girl. With flowy, curvaceous gowns and youthful but rich separates, the new Bond girl is a perfect compliment to Daniel Craig’s (the latest actor to play Bond) high class suits. With poise, power, and undeniable sex appeal, women throughout the Bond legacy have at one time thought “I want to be her”. To get a taste of that Bond girl look, we’ve chosen some of the (more…)

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We set our interns loose at the US Open in Huntington Beach, and wouldn’t you know it, some actually came back with footage of the surf. Wow! Not only are they good looking, but they’re smart and professional too. As it turns out, the conditions were actually decent–a total rarity for the event. Taking a break from her all week partying at the Volcom house, Intern Charlotte managed to capture one of the best heats from day 6.

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Interns are so much fun. Everyone should have one –or six in our case. In this clip, Intern Andrew shows us that decorating your work space shouldn’t be left to amateurs. (By the way, Andrew is 18 and single. He currently attends Brown and hopes to open Providence’s first ever Wahoo’s. He’s originally from San Clemente, but just don’t ask him if he knows Ryan Sheckler.)

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Oh what a tangled web she weaves. Meet Charlotte, one of our many stellar summer interns. Fresh, funny and always well-put-together, Char is by far the most ambitious character in the office. Currently a double-major undergrad at Fullerton, she hopes to one day end world hunger through generous donations of Jamba Juice. Having been blessed with a great attitude and killer style, she brightens our office with her megawatt smile and an always sunny disposition. Here, she tells us how Swell couldn’t survive without her.