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St Paddy’s Day Drink Recipe -Video

Looking for a tasty yet traditional beverage for your St. Patrick’s Day party? The Irish Car Bomb combines three of Ireland’s favorite adult liquors into a tasty libation similar to a root-beer float. Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream are “bombed” into a Guinness stout, in the same fashion as the American Boilermaker.

As with most shots, too many rounds will have you redecorating the bathroom walls, but even novice drinkers can usually power down a car-bomb without any trouble.

Watch, learn and drink responsibly.

If you’re ever in Ireland DO NOT ORDER THIS DRINK. Terrorist targeted civilians with car-bombs during their civil war, making the reference similar to 9/11. A couple SWELL employees learned that the hard way while studying abroad. But don’t let political correctness ruin your fun, because nothing gets people out doing an Irish jig like one of these sweet shooters.

Watch the video, or follow instructions here:
How to make the perfect Irish Car Bomb.

Mixed into shot glass:
1 part Irish Cream
1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey

6 oz Guinness Draught in pint glass

Drop or pour shot of whiskey/cream into beer, drink immediately.

Do not consume alcohol if you are under 21 years of age.
Drink Responsibly, Raise Hell

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Behind The Brand: AMBSN

New wave nostalgia, reinventing retro, respecting the classics and working for the weekend. These are the mores behind the Spring 2012 AMBSN clothing line, and has put them on SWELL’s best-sellers list all season long.

Watch SWELL’s first installment of “Behind the Brand” and learn about the inspiring story that founded this company.

To escape the pitfalls of certain tired styles in surfing, the AMBSN bros took their late 70s Impala for a dude-cruise up the entire Ca coast this spring. They found inspiration in salty old beach towns and timeless rolling landscapes. The results yielded an uncommon, yet much needed breath of fresh styles.

The two brothers who started the brand strive to think outside the box, source uncommon fabrics, revive rare templates and embody the complete California existence. Here’s a few favorite products going nuts in the SWELL surfshop.

Halfner Tank: Simple sea foam tonal coloring with signature AMBSN color blocking. Get it Here

Nana Surf Trunk: The 80’s ripper “thrilla gorilla” is an international icon of shred-tastic proportions. Thanks for bringin him back boys.
ambsn nana surfUppers Tee: If you haven’t noticed, AMBSN’s signature color-blocking rocks, and a tee without a pocket is just a damn rag. Get it now!

ambsn shirt uppers

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Travis Rice Joins Team Contour

Travis Rice, backcountry powderhound and winner of just about every prestigious boarding accolade including 2 XGames gold medals, is now part of the Contour Team!

After searching for the best, most low profile point-of-view camera, Rice chose to represent Contour, “Out of pure necessity.” He added, “Seeking out the best image in the category and a sleek profile just makes more sense. With a new arsenal of attachments, getting one-of-a-kind footage is only limited by your creativity. I am proud to be a part of the future of Contour!”


– The Art of Flight

As the most slender camera on the market, the Contour cams are perfect for snowboarding and skiing among other action sports. The Water resistant design lets you ditch the need for a housing and helps reduce extra bulk when riding. This makes the camera more aerodynamic that when mounted to your helmet and ensures truly one of a kind POV footage.

The GPS camera also adds a new layer to your filming experience by tracking location, altitude, and speed. This feature is especially awesome for charting your performance down the side of a mountain.

We’re all excited to see what type of amazing footage Travis Rice will capture and will keep you posted on the new and noteworthy clips as they arrive. For those of you wanting to see some of Rice’s downhill mastery, make sure to check out the Art of Flight (preview above).




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Billabong “Life’s Better In Boardshorts” Film

Life’s Better in Boardshorts short film. from Billabong on Vimeo.

Because life is better in Billabong Boardshorts
Check out this mini movie, starring surfers Taj, Parko, and Rasta
Want it for keepsies? Get the free download HERE