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BOUNCING, WITH CURREN CAPLES The modern day crossover



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Eli Hanneman Surfs Better Than You This 12 Year Old Hawaiian Is About to Make You Feel Crappy About Your Surfing

The Hurley Youth brigade of grommet prodigies strikes again with this little Lahainan shredder who undoubtedly surfs circles around you. He’s pushing the limits of progression and contributing to Hurley’s Product development program. Check out the latest Hurley Active-wear and #Feel Your Fastest. (more…)

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CULTURE SHIFTERS | CATCH SURF The plastic soul of Catch Surf


Video: Meet Catch Surf Founder George Arzente Who Revolutionized the Soft Top Surf Game

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Trunk Talk: SWELL Buyer Ollie Edwards Meet the Man Who Hand Selects Your Favorite Surf Styles

Watch our new Australian buyer Ollie chop it up about the joys of being a buyer in the streets of NYC. Ollie joined the SWELL team in October, knows how to get his hands on the world’s best boardies and surfs pretty good too.

Enjoy his cheeky babble and check out his Trunk Talk Picks

Ollie Edwards Trunk Picks