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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Under the Boat645
Photo Tip of the Week from photo contributor, Kelsey Finn…
Share your photos! Sharing my work with others has helped me grow as a photographer. Don’t be scared of feedback – the encouraging comments will motivate you and the criticism will help you fine tune your skills – you win either way.

Check back next week for fresh photo tips, or check out past tips here: Photography Tips
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Wish We Were Here: Hong Kong A Travel + Packing Guide To Hong Kong by SWELL Photo Editor, Stephanie

Travel envy sinks in deep when you hear that SWELL’s photo editor, Stephanie just got back from her fourth trip to Hong Kong. (Yes, we do Wish We Were There!). On her most-recent visit, she met up with a local friend explore some of the cities top sites and bites. Lucky for us, she was willing to share some photos and travel tips. Read on to check out Stephanie’s top tips on where to shop, explore and eat around Hong Kong…

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SeaMade: Best Hikes | Central California Edition A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

river cross645
Being a California coastal dweller my whole life, I find myself getting jaded over the ability to be at the beach in an instant. Which is why I like to put some distance between me and the ocean sometimes and head for the hills. Immersing myself into nature on a hike is pretty meditative, kind of like surfing and waiting for waves in between sets. Hiking is also a killer workout that I love so much it doesn’t even seem like a workout. There’s always so much to look at and I love the curiosity that comes with never knowing what’s around the next bend. To begin this new Top Hikes series on SeaMade, we’re going to check out two of my favorite Central California hikes- Yosemite Falls and Vincente Flats…
(Pictured Above: Crossing the stream at Andrew Molera, another awesome Big Sur hike that ends up at a fun surf spot | Billabong Backpack | Hooded Flannel | Felt Hat )

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Employee Picks | Stocking Stuffers Gifting For Guys Can Be Tough. SWELL's Crew Suggests the Best in Surf

David from Customer Care
His Pick: Stance Socks “I don’t always take selfies at the gym… but when I do, I wear Stance”