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Meet Your Maker | Stance Stance Art Director Talks San Clemente Inspired Sock Designs

stance socks

SWELL: Looks like Stance HQ is under major construction. Big plans, big Growth?

Hennings: 2013 was a huge growth year in revenue and headcount.  We added 15 people, and probably another 15-20 next year so we need the space.  The new office will be beautiful and really supports our culture and company values.   Currently we are building out a 22,000 square foot global headquarters in San Clemente.  1/3 third of the area is dedicated to office and work and 2/3 is dedicated to fun;  Basketball court, skate ramp, game center with ping pong, trampoline and air hockey, a bounce house for the kids, family room lounge.  It will be incredible. (more…)

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A Week of Work by Ozzie Wrong


“Ozzie”, “Oska”, “Oz”, Oscar Billy Pippen Wright is surfer’s favorite goon. The artist, musician, film-maker; a winged manimal on a mission. Hailing from the Land Down Under, Sydney Australia to be exact, he has been riding for Volcom for ten years now. In that time he has also grown into an art juggernaut turning out beautifully spastic and distinctively raw pieces. He claims his latest line took him a whole week hunkered down in his goon studio. Check out the Acid inspired, Anti-Bad Vibe Shield, and all Ozzie’s styles at SWELL.



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Considering most of the US is in a cold spell, I figured it’s a good time to close your eyes, take a deep breath and think some seriously warm thoughts. Now if only when we all opened our eyes, we would be somewhere warm.

But, there are a few ways to make freezing days feel a bit warmer. Brace yourself, there are a lot of options: (more…)

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Waimea River Surfing


Every winter on the North Shore of Oahu the high surf dams the Waimea river-mouth with sand, and the heavy rains flood the valley. During a flatspell, locals led by Jamie O’Brien happily dig out the channels to create a standing wave to get their feet in the wax in preparation for Pipemasters. It was SWELL’s first time back digging the channel since the 2011 night session, and it was even bigger. (more…)