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Meet Your Maker | Roark

We tracked down founder of Roark, Ryan Hitzel to scope the steez on a radical company that rackin up bar tabs all over the globe.
Why Japan? Urban camping in Tokyo seems like an odd place for design inspo, or is it?
It’s odd in the sense that everything in Tokyo is as abnormal as it gets. It’s an amalgamation of ancient Japanese tradition mixed with the greatest hits from other cultures of the world. So setting up “Camp” in the back of a Ramen House allowed Roark to blend in to the oddity of it all and experience the details that makes Japan so unique.


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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Mermaid At The Surface650
Photo Tip of the Week from our newest photo contributor, Kelsey Finn
Don’t be afraid to be trigger happy, ESPECIALLY when taking photos underwater. You never know if you missed the exact moment your subject, background, and lighting are all in sync. Underwater is even more difficult to get the exact shot you imagined – so you cannot afford to wait until you think the moment is right. So hold down that shutter release and shoot away!
[Side tip for the GoPro users – if you're taking stills, change the setting to "burst" mode to take multiple photos in a row (three is my magical number).]

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SeaMade: Deep Sea Smoothie Recipe


Fueling your tank with nutrient dense food is crucial to sustaining an active lifestyle. Superfood smoothies are the perfect source of all the nutrients needed to get through a hectic day. Don’t let the deep, dark green deter you- it really is tasty! The recipe and ingredients to follow will give you a better buzz than the last coffee whiskey you pounded on your way to a cold surf sesh. (You are familiar with that little warm-me-up, right?) (more…)

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A SWELL Exclusive – Behind the Scenes of Pepper’s Self-Titled Album, Part III

In the third and final installment of SWELL’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pepper’s new self-titled album, we get to hear the band discuss the things that made this album special to them. Bringing it producer Matt Wallace, doing some co-songwriting and trusting themselves and their bond as a band were all key ingredients to making new music for the first time in five years.

WATCH: Part I  / Part II
LISTEN: Check out Pepper’s self-titled album, Pepper

Read on for upcoming tour dates and for a chance to WIN a Pepper surfboard from T. Patterson…