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SeaMade: Surfing 101 | Fins

What’s in a fin? Aside from being those knifey things that stick out of your board and slice through the water (and hopefully not your skin), there are a lot of components to fins. Here are a few basics to focus on when deciding on a fin system for your board: (more…)

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Band Interview | SWIMM Billy Bombards Chris Hess with a Slew of Life's Weirdest Questions


SWELL: What’s yer favorite venue to play and why?

SWIMM:  Well for sentimental purposes let’s just say Detroit Bar. Can’t believe its the end. We honestly have had some of the most fun nights playing music because of that place. It is pretty sad to think this will be the last time we will play there. Damn I just got sad. (more…)

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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Mermaid and Merman645
Photo Tip of the Week from photo contributor, Kelsey Finn…
One thing I really hate in some of my photos is when I accidentally cut off my model’s arm or leg. This can create an awkward look to the photo. So I suggest shooting with a wide angle lens and taking your photos from further away. Eventually you will be comfortable with your camera and intuitively know how close or far you need to be to ensure your model is entirely within the frame.

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The Return of Bad Billy’s Billabong's Skate Collection Inspired By Youth in Revolt


The crossover between surf and skate not only drives  the progressive maneuvers, but the core clothing styles as well. Team Billabong has always led the charge and Occy in particular embodied savage style that inspired the Bad Billys collection.