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SeaMade: The Making of “Under Desert Sun” by Kevin Voegtlin

Angola. Do you know where that is? Honestly, I didn’t…that is until I met Kevin Voegtlin, an independent filmmaker who recently made a film about a surf trip to Angola. Last year, Kevin’s buddy Kepa Acero traveled through the Angolan desert on a solo hunt for waves. Surfers in the area pointed him to a left-hand point that wasn’t breaking but he knew deep down that it would fire on the right swell. A few months later, Kepa returned with Dane Gudauskas and they absolutely scored. Kevin’s documentation of the surf trip evolved into his film “Under Desert Sun,” which was just released for your viewing pleasure (see full film above).  I got together with Kevin earlier this week to get a better idea of what this Angola surf mission business is all about. Now go grab your readers for the interview, a brew for the movie, and a map to figure out where in the world Angola is located. (more…)

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Be sure to take some time out today and write down all that you are thankful for, little or small. There is so darn much to be thankful for… beaches, surfboards, road trips, random adventures, good health and all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Now go chow down.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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On-Trend | The Anorak

anorakThis season’s “it” garment is undoubtedly the light hoody for guys known as the “Anorak”. Its the perfect parka for layering up and cutting down the wind. (more…)

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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Rising - Black and White
When you first get your underwater gear, I suggest trying it out in a pool! Get some friends together and jump in a safe, controlled environment. You want to feel comfortable and confident with your gear and know how to work it properly before braving it in the wild. Nothing is worse than trying to figure out how to take a photo while getting tumbled by a wave!

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