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I just moved to LA, and am in the process of trying out new gyms. I was working out at the YMCA down the street, and they had a little bulletin board in the corner filled with black and white printouts of motivational fitness sayings. One caught my eye, and made me smirk a little because it was so true: Get fit in the Gym. Lose weight in the kitchen.

Yup. It’s the truth.

But one thing is missing:  a place where you can reap all those benefits of your hard work and will power, forget about your worries  and your body), let lose, and be barefoot and salty. That place? The beach.

So, I added on to my new favorite, oh so blunt fitness quote: Get fit in the gym. Lose weight in the kitchen. Keep your sanity at the beach.

…especially if your beach outing includes a board, not too many people and some fun waves.  Extra sanity bonus points there.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Yoga for Surfers 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Surfing

Looking to up your game a bit? Resident yoga instructor, Jennifer Lowe shared with us a few yoga moves to help take your surfing to the next level. Bust out your performance boardshorts and follow along… (more…)

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SeaMade: On the Road Packing Essentials for a Surf Road Trip.

Feeling antsy? There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with an uncharted destination. Knowing that there will be waves along the way and adventures to be had, but not knowing the precise destinations is all part of the fun on a road trip. I recommend having a general idea of where to go based on swells. Map out a flexible route that allows time for exploring and kicking back at camp- whether that’s at a campground of a lodge of some sort. Wherever you go, remember: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” – J. Kerouac

So get out there and do it in comfort…(read on for the list of packing essentials)
Pictured: Billabong Beach Pants | Lovely Bird Hat (more…)

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I just finished driving down the coast from Seattle to Los Angles, and it had to have been the best road trip of my life. Why? I went to so many new places…that made me feel really, really small.

Traveling somewhere new is one of the most exhilarating feelings ever (yes, even if it’s by car). But, traveling somewhere new that’s also vast, open, immense and full of natural beauty that makes your jaw drop to the sand…gives you a slap in the face in the form of a new perspective. We are so wrapped up in little things: likes, followers, gossip, celebs, and our own little worlds. But when you are standing on a vacant beach on the Oregon coast, you forget about it all. All you can think of, is how to catch your breath, because it’s so beautiful you forgot to breathe.

At least I did.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Learn more about the #SWELLivin blogger, Rebekah, and check out her blog here