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This Band Doesn’t Suck | The Growlers

The Growlers Sound…According to Alex Knost
“They have experimented with recording techniques that have the ability to “bend sound” in ways only drugs can. By now this “bent sound” has been perfected in their live act that some onlookers call “groovy” and or “sick”. The groovy unexcelled value in Lo fidelity sound is their stock and trade. They are the result of a combination of skilled modern engineering techniques and the very finest outdated recording and amplified equipment.”

Formed in: A garage in Dana Point in 2006…like any good band, duh.

Genre: Beach Goth, a combination of Garage rock, psychedelic rock

Brooks Nielson -Vocals
Scott Montoya -Drums
Matt Taylor -Lead guitar, vocals
Anthony Perry- Bass
Kyle Straka -Rhythm guitar and keyboard

Next Big Show: Outside Lands



Get styled out for the next Growlers Show with grunge approved goods from the Billabong Garage Collection, and Brixton.


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Whenever in doubt, take the vacation. Please. And although tropical, hot, sandy vacations, with an abundance of freshly cut cold coconuts, are always appreciated, I know they aren’t always in the budget. But hey, if you have time off of work, take it. Go on a road trip, take a staycation, keep your eyes peeled on the travelzoo top 20 list (killer deals), subscribe to Groupon/Living Social travel emails (I found an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica…get this, 2 people, 3 nights $280. I missed the deal, but still.) Travel is possible, both near and far.

So, let’s all make an effort to take time to get away and relax. Even for just one day, or afternoon…or hour.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

Bikini: Stone Fox Swim
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Photo Tip | Follow the Light Edition -Seth De Roulet


“My photo tip is research. To many photographers don’t spend the time to understand their subjects and what they are trying to achieve. Researching photographers before you will help you to pre visualize what you want to achieve before you swim out. I think it also helps to see whats been done already so you can do something different” Darshan Gooch (above) can bust airs or ride Alias, so Seth accounted for the waves, rider and board for this POV.

More about FTLF Finalist, Seth De Roulet

Favorite Surfer to Shoot: Andrew Bennett and Bobby Martinez. Andrew Bennett because it usually means we are somewhere else in the world and getting barrels big enough to fit a house in.

I always enjoy shooting Bobby Martinez because his surfing is not like any other surfer. His style is truly unique and that is pretty rare these days. (more…)

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SWELL Sessions #1: GRMLN

We’re big fans of good music here at Swell and we’re even bigger fans of good dudes making good music. We brought our friends GRMLN by our studios for the first ever SWELL Sessions performance. Enjoy…