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Follow the Light Awards Show 2013

Trevor Moran of New Jersey has forever been inducted to the class of surf photographers following the light of Larry “flame” Moore’s Legacy. Trevor took home a photography grant for $5,000 to pursue traveling the world in pursuit of building his portfolio.

Trevor’s Winning Slideshow

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Healthy Living from SWELL Model, Emily


SWELL model Emily Valdez dishes out some mid-week healthy living inspo….
(pictured: Crochet Dress)

Fun Fit Tip:
Working out is easiest done when you’re having fun; whether it’s swimming, or playing volleyball, or kicking a soccer ball around. Just keeping your heart rate up is the goal!There always is a time and place for the gym but it’s so much more enjoyable when you can get exercise and have fun too.
My roommate makes fun of me because whenever I clean the apartment I wear ankle weights; just the little things done regularly can make a difference.

Favorite Easy & Healthy Recipe:
Wasa crackers (can get from Ralph’s or Whole Foods) with avocado, a slice of cheese (I like Munster or Havarti) and if you’re feeling like adding some flavor, add chili sauce. I absolutely love this treat and it’s pretty low cal too!

Tip For Staying Healthy On Long Work Days:
I like to bring Luna or Clif bars with me and also maybe pack a little bag of veggies; just to keep sustained and not snack on junk food. Also, I like to drink a ton of water! On set there is a lot of activity; constantly moving, changing, etc, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“You only regret the workout you don’t have.”
Super inspiring; no matter how much you don’t want to have a workout, it’s true. The best part is when it’s done, you are always happy you made the effort.

Thanks Emily for the Inspo!

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Summer Intern Approved | The RVCA Cooler Satchel

iphone 006Take this RVCA vacancy cooler with you anywhere. The uses are endless and so are the beers that fit inside this handy parrot covered man purse. Avoid wrapping your beers up in a t-shirt or getting caught looking like a bum by drinking out of a brown paper bag!  It’s no longer a mission hauling your 6 pack down to the beach, you can disguise this cooler as a beach bag and look super trendy while doing it.

Pictured Above: Jodie Totes the VA Cooler Satchel on the San Clemente Pier, wearing the Brixton Nora Hat


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SeaMade: Cross-Training A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison


As Mister Jagger says, “You can’t always get what you want” and so it goes for the life of a surfer on the hunt for waves. Sure, those rollers you see in the distance of above photo are ridebale, but there are days where my activity needs to be stepped up a notch. Running provides me with an outlet for my energy and is one of the best on-land cross-trainings for surfing. Speeding up those legs of yours will prepare you for longer surf sessions and bigger waves, as well as keep you lean and mean so you can keep fitting those teeny kinis and second-skin wetsuits. Even when there are waves, I like to do a pre-surf hustle to warm up my muscles, especially if I’m in a cold climate. Like surfing, running is free, and you can challenge yourself in many ways…hit the beach, trail, stairs, gym, and switch it up between sprints and distance running to really get a workout.  Once you get into running, it becomes easier and you can set new goals. What’s that saying? Oh ya- just do it!
- By Guest Blogger, Madison

Pictured Above: Alternative Apparel Legging / Alternative Apparel Sports Bra
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