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SeaMade: SWELL Surf Shacks / The Encinitas Derby House

Take a moment to imagine your dream house. Got it planned? If it’s anything similar to my dream house of the moment it is close to the beach, spacious inside and out, and very unique, just like the iconic Derby House of Encinitas. At an impressive age of 126 years old, the Derby House is brimming with old school soul that may not meet the typical dream house criteria, but it is truly a gem. Built in 1887, the huge redwood house neighbored the Encinitas train station and served as a bed and breakfast for travelers. Read on for a photo tour of the house… (more…)

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Aloha Friday at SWELL

Happy Friday! How are we celebrating the start of the weekend? Doing what we do best here at SWELL – Aloha Friday. (more…)

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Spear Fishing with Sharks in Tahiti SWELL Lensmen Talks About Avoiding Sharks While Spearfishing in Tahiti


Spear Fishing in Tahiti is beyond just a hobby, it is second only to our love for surfing! It goes hand in hand with the Tahitian lifestyle. If we take a boat out for a good day of surf, there is inevitably a spear gun or two aboard in case someone takes a break and wants to catch the post surf meal, unless you catch gets stolen by sharks known for stalking us. (more…)

October 3rd, 2013 | By | 538 Comments

SWELL Sessions Part II: The So So Glos

New York-based band The So So Glos recently stopped by the SWELL studios in the middle of their tour with Diarrhea Planet to play for the SWELL team and enjoy some time in Orange County. In this SWELL Session, the band strips down and plays an acoustic version of the bouncy “Xanax” for the SWELL crew.

If you like what you hear, check out their album “Blowout” and be sure to catch them out on the road all winter. Read on for tour dates… (more…)