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3 Cups 1 Day | Pipemasters Final Recap Fanning Wins a World Title, Slater Wins Pipe, & John John Takes the Triple Crown


SWELL photog Domenic Mosquiera braved the biggest crowds in Triple Crown history to capture the craziest Pipe final since AI vs. Slater.


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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Photo Tip of the Week from photo contributor, Kelsey Finn…
Get close to your subject. Since water reduces color, contrast, and sharpness – the closer you are, the more crisp and vibrant the photo will be.

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SeaMade: Top 5 Coastal CA Brews A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

‘Tis the season to crack a frothy one and get merry with friends and family. Did you know that beer especially comes in handy around the holidays? Just think of all the benefits of beer this time of year… potentially awkward family and work parties get lightened up, there is no preparation except to chill it in the fridge before hosting an ugly sweater party, you can make ordinary recipes (hyperlink ‘recipes’ to extraordinary, and there are countless special holiday editions (make ‘special holiday editions’ hyperlink to Beer season- I think so! Being that San Diego is the craft beer mecca of our country, and possibly the world, we don’t really have a season for extra beer consumption, but for all of you feeling extra keen to drink some crafty brews, you’ve come to the right spot. To follow are my picks for the five best breweries in San Diego (did I hear someone say brewery crawl?) and a standout brew from each. Santa, if you’re reading this, feel free to put these five ales under my tree…
Pictured: RVCA Jacket | RVCA Hat | Raen Sunglasses | Frye Boots

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How To: Do Joshua Tree in A Weekend Guest blog by Johnie | Dirtbag Darling

Arriving in Joshua Tree National Park feels a bit like entering a Dr. Seuss story, and not just because of the bulbous boulders and whimsical yucca trees. Joshua Tree is like a fantasyland for rock climbers thanks to an endless number of world-class routes. And if you aren’t into climbing? There’s still plenty of scrambles, hikes, and all-around rad adventures to be had in the massive desert park.
Read on for your weekend guide to it all by Dirtbag Darling Blogger, Johnie (more…)