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Beach Hair & Skin Picks from Mint.

I am a girl who loves products. I’ve tried a million and I finally have a hold on my favorites, at least for the moment! Spending a lot of my time at the beach and in the ocean really takes a toll on my hair, skin etc.. so it’s important for me to find good staples that I can count on!! So here they are, my favorite after products for pre-surf, post-surf and every day! – Jess, from Mint.
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One of the first questions I’m asked when health and fitness comes up is this: What do you do? However, it’s asked in a manner that people are hoping I have a live in personal chef, a secret helicopter pad where Gunnar Peterson flies into each day, and some sort of miracle pill that is flown in from Hungary. Well, I am sure someone out there actually does all the above, but definitely not me. Fortunately, one thing I am a firm believer in, is that it’s simple.

If you want to feel great, which usually has an awesome side effect of looking pretty darn great, well…I suggest doing the following regularly, until they all turn into a habit:

Get 8 hours of sleep
Drink lots of water
Be active
Life weights (aka do some sort of resistance training)
And finally…eat clean.

What tends to complicate things…is us. We all have a crazy, frequently used superhuman power: the ability to make an excuse. And we are all experts at it when it comes the the health and fitness department. Save the excuses for justifying a new bikini purchase. Not when it comes to justifying your 4th Super Big Gulp of the week (Guilty as charged.)

So, let’s raise our 8oz glass of water and say cheers to simple, steady, it’s a way of life, good health.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

Pictured: Tavik Bikini
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The more aloha print you have in your life, the happier you will be. Yes you read that. Aloha print guarantees happiness. Well, at least in my world it does.
Think about it. When you have an opportunity to wear something that is of the aloha print genre, it usually signifies the following: 1: You are on vacation, 2: You are doing something fun, 3: You are in Hawaii, 4: You probably do not have shoes on, or 5: you are in a good mood. That’s one winning combo of options there, in my aloha print loving opinion.
So if you are feeling blue, pick up a garment or accessory that is laden with plumerias, palms, hibiscus, or some sort of tropical flora, and feel that frown turn upside down…and one hand reach for a cold tropical drink.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Learn more about the #SWELLivin blogger, Rebekah, and check out her blog here

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Introducing: SeaMade A series on surf + ocean living by guest blogger, Madison.

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Meet Madison, our newest guest blogger at SWELL!  Although she calls Cardiff home, you’ll often spot this little gyp-sea at breaks and bike lanes all over Southern California. Check back every week for inspiration, instruction and more on all things salty and sandy…

Hello, from Madison!
The majority of my life revolves around the beach and ocean. My mornings consist of meandering down to the bluff overlooking a series of peaks and what I see decides how my day pans out. If the waves look good, I hustle home to grab my favorite surfboard or two. If the waves are looking shabby, I lace up the sneaks and take a coastal cruise by foot or bike, in hopes of finding a decently rideable wave. After my morning ocean commute, I return home to fuel up and work. Of course, my surf lifestyle has to be supplemented in order to not be a total beach bum, so what better way than to work for Surfline. Although I am on my computer A LOT for work and college, I always find time in my day to get to the ocean. There are no excuses to not take at least an hour for yourself during the day. I encourage you to get up, get moving, and take the dive to your nearest waves. Your favorite online surf shop will always wait for you. I promise.  So, tune in here to the Swell Blog every Saturday for blurbs of wisdom from my ocean life that will get you looking and feeling like a mermaid in no time.

– By Guest Blogger, Madison

Pictured: Billabong Surf Jacket / Billabong Vintage Surf Bottom / Raen Sunglasses

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