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Style + Travel Guide: Pichilemu, Chile. Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

Once we reached Chile, the first place we set up camp was a darling beach town called Pichilemu. The drive to Pichilemu was absolutely mesmerizing as we drove along the perfect Chilean coastlines. The moment we arrived in Pichilemu we checked the waves at the world renowned surf spot, Punta de Lobos. Every day we spent in this coastal haven we ran down to check the waves and usually spent at least three hours of our morning there as the guys did not want to get out. We then went into town to grab food and usually spent the rest of the day exploring the coastlines and sometimes even squeezed in another surf at Punta de Lobos.
Read on for a where to adventure, rest + shop in Pichilemu (more…)

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SeaMade: The Budget Surf Trip / North LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara Edition A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison


Lately, I’ve been craving a surf trip but have a nagging voice in the back of my mind that reminds me of my budget and time constraints. I’ve been hearing about friends going on epic surf trips that include yachts in the Mentawais, sailing down the Gold Coast, and island hopping by helicopter in the South Pacific. Wow- what a dream, but that’s just what I have to remind myself- keep dreaming, Madison. I know my day will come for exotic surf adventures abroad, but for now I will let my friends’ travel stories inspire me to do more local trips.
My most recent modes of transfer have been car and train, both of which allow me to escape the San Diego bubble on a budget and get a sense of adventure. To the north of my hometown, just a train ride or road trip away, is Northern Los Angeles. The region is perfect for summertime, as there are many cobblestone-bottomed points and beach breaks to pick up long period south swells. My favorite LA spots are County Line, Topanga, and Malibu, all most easily accessed by car. If you want to travel a bit further north of LA, there are plenty of gems that are conveniently accessible. Once at your train station stop you can bike, bus, or taxi to the surf spots and campgrounds. If you’re not that into camping, there are plenty of quaint bed and breakfast type places that can host you without cleaning out your wallet. Read on for the list of stops + check out the travel kit (pictured)… (more…)

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Walking. It’s therapy, exercise and healthy living, just by using your own two feet.

Had a bad day? Take a walk. Need to de-stress? Take a walk. Don’t feel like working out? Take a walk. In a sad or gloomy mood? Take a walk. Feeling lazy? Take a walk. Craving a hefty serving of something sweet? Take a walk.  Craving a Super Big Gulp? Take a walk. Sat at a desk staring at a computer screen for 8 hours straight? Take a walk. Too sore from yesterday’s insanely tough workout to even move today? Take a walk. Husband didn’t notice you cut off 6 inches of hair and dyed it red? Take a walk. Got dropped in on about five times by the same agro guy surfing in his competition jersey from 2003? Paddle in and take a walk.

It’s amazing what a simple solution, to so many things, taking a good long walk can do.

I’m off to take one now… I’ll let you guess which one of the above related to me. Or two.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Packing List: Chile Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

This week I am jet setting on a surf adventure down to South America with plans to explore the beautiful coastline and cities of Chile. The moment our plane touches down we begin our nonstop endeavor, traveling in a van down the coast of Chile. Not only do we have the opportunity to surf the best waves, but we have also organized events for the locals with the goal of encouraging and helping the people of Chile. We are holding several surf camps and have plans to leave the sand behind for a snowboard trip in the Andes. We are in for some exciting adventures!

It is currently winter in Chile, so this made it a little challenging when packing, as we are in the middle of summer here in SoCal . Luckily I was able to find some awesome styles to throw in my bag, along with other great outfits for everything from beach days with highs of 50 degrees, to snow days with lows of 20 degrees. Read on for the complete packing list… (more…)