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The Lolli Swim Guide to Sweets

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In search of the ultimate sweet treats, we turned to the authority on all things sugary, Lolli Swimwear’s Vy, to dish on the very best desserts Southern California has to offer. The designer of bow bikini bottoms, one-pieces with heart cut-outs and rainbow sorbet-colored swimmies certainly knows her stuff when it comes to all things sweet. Exhibit 1: the Lolli Instagram account. It’s a daily dose of saccharine envy. Needless to say, this girl knows her sweets. Lucky for us, she also loves to share. Read on for Vy’s Guide to SoCal Sweets…. (more…)

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SeaMade: The Lux Mermaid – Hair Care Edition A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

Does ocean and sun worshipping have your hair snapping like Instagramming teens following Ryan Gosling? Although the salt and sun give us surfer girls those effortless blond highlights, they also take a big toll on our manes. Luckily, there is a completely natural, inexpensive hair remedy that I swear by. Coconut oil is the most effective hair treatment I have ever tried. Deep conditioning salon treatments can work great, but I need something consistent that won’t break my wallet and isn’t filled with chemicals. By slathering my hair with coconut oil before jumping in the ocean, worries of dehydrated, tangled hair evaporate. I haven’t cut my hair for nearly a year and split ends are minimal thanks to the power of the coco. I even break out the blow drier and straightener on occasion, but a simple coco oil hair mask and self-trim the next day clean those pesky splits right up.
(Pictured: Raen Sunglasses)
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Get those feet naked. Really, please do. Do you know how many health benefits there are to going barefoot? Well, here’ s four:  reflexology, strengthening, injury prevention, and it evens the workload across your whole foot. And that’s just the physical part.

There’s a reason foot messages feel so good. There is a reason you never wear shoes in yoga class…hmmmm. (Those yogis are on to something there.) There’s a reason we all want to walk barefoot on the beach (if you are a person who insists on wearing shoes on the sand, you are missing out). There’s a reason my feet feel like leather and I can walk on cement in summer with little discomfort. The reason? Going barefoot rocks. It feels great, and it loosens up your overall demeanor.

So, set your two feet free from time to time. Your whole body will thank you for it.
-Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

…and for those “no shirt, no shoes, no dice” situations, SWELL has has some pretty darn cute shoes:
Pictured: Reef Boot / Matisse Buckle Bootie / Volcom Canvas Flats

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San Clemente Island Fish Tales

During one of the most wave-starved August’s Southern California has ever seen, the occasional flat spell escape prevents local surfers from turning to a life of crime. Luckily the California waters hold no shortage of other monstrous creatures and this past weekend SWELL & friends hit the Channel Islands for a tuna chase and ended up hooking into an endangered Giant Black Seabass.

After a morning of releasing undersized White Seabass and Calicoes on the west side of Catalina, we cruised over to San Clemente Island and dropped our lines. After a minute of fishing we thought we had caught a kelp-fish but after a two hour fight with the dude above, we knew we had done much better. When the beast finally surfaced, the entire school of Black Seabass followed and we knew we had to figure out how to reunite the tired giant with his school before a lingering seal made a meal of him.

To jump-start the revival, Dave jumped in and bear-hugged the 150lb fish and began trying to swim it down, since the fish’s inner air bladder had inflated on his ascent. After multiple dives, we hand cranked the fish’s tail and voila, he dove back into the depths.

San Clemente Island Packing Kit

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