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SeaMade: Deep Sea Smoothie Recipe


Fueling your tank with nutrient dense food is crucial to sustaining an active lifestyle. Superfood smoothies are the perfect source of all the nutrients needed to get through a hectic day. Don’t let the deep, dark green deter you- it really is tasty! The recipe and ingredients to follow will give you a better buzz than the last coffee whiskey you pounded on your way to a cold surf sesh. (You are familiar with that little warm-me-up, right?) (more…)

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A SWELL Exclusive – Behind the Scenes of Pepper’s Self-Titled Album, Part III

In the third and final installment of SWELL’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pepper’s new self-titled album, we get to hear the band discuss the things that made this album special to them. Bringing it producer Matt Wallace, doing some co-songwriting and trusting themselves and their bond as a band were all key ingredients to making new music for the first time in five years.

WATCH: Part I  / Part II
LISTEN: Check out Pepper’s self-titled album, Pepper

Read on for upcoming tour dates and for a chance to WIN a Pepper surfboard from T. Patterson…


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Video: StokesMe Surf Contest

#StokesMe September rolls on with the latest video evidence the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Contest. Watch Rasta, Boothy and the boys going nuts to raise some scratch and support the SIMA Humanitarian Fund. (more…)

September 20th, 2013 | By | 957 Comments

DIY: Scarf Camera Strap

Every photographer will agree that one of the most important steps to getting great photos is to always have your camera with you. So if your camera has become purse numero two, why not customize your camera strap to match your style. Enter this week’s DIY – How to turn Fall’s new scarves in to camera straps. Read on for the step-by-step how-to… (more…)