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September 17th, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

Cosmic Creek 2013

The 14th annual Cosmic Creek Retro Surf Contest presented by Billabong at Salt Creek saw some insane waves and trippy fog that lifted just in time for the finals. Then Donny took the stage for a free concert on the lawn.  More insta photos from the boys on the beach (more…)

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A SWELL Exclusive – Behind the Scenes of Pepper’s Self-Titled Album, Part I

Reggae legends Pepper dropped their new, self-titled album on September 3rd and SWELL is proud to announce that they have the exclusive backstory. In the worldwide premiere of this first making-of video, the boys of Pepper discuss their change of direction, the freedom they felt when making this record and what ‘concentrated Pepper’ is all about.

Part I:

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Wave of the Day | Slater Snaked

blog_lowers“Dude, I fully burned Kelly Slater at Trestles” claim these 2 party wavers for the rest of their lives. This flailing phenomenon has become a bragging-right bucket-lister for heaps of weekend warriors on every tour stop. Photo: Shawn Parkin

It’s hard to imagine these roller-coasting snake artists were locals or in the Lowers Raid, but they’re lucky the king didn’t take their head off during his warm up for the 2013 Hurley Pro.  What pro would you snake, or would you yield to the guys with the world’s highest wave count?

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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Photo Tip of the Week from our newest photo contributor, Kelsey Finn
Don’t be afraid to mix it up with lenses. Sticking to the usual, stock 18-55 mm lens that always comes with your camera body, can limit your growth as a photographer. If I had not ventured out and tried out different lenses, I never would have found my favorite. A wide angle, 10-20 mm, has proven to be the most reliable when shooting underwater. It allows more light to come in, so I am able to dive down deep without loosing too much clarity. It also allows me to cheat a little – I know, I know, cheating is bad, but come on, I need a little help when trying to photograph a difficult subject like a playful dolphin. What I mean is, I have better luck at capturing the subject since I have a bigger frame to work with.

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