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When was the last time you relaxed? Like really relaxed. With no technology, perhaps a book, and maybe a little fresh air involved? If you want to get saucy you can involve a hammock or blanket in a park. I know, It’s been a while.

For some reason we are made to feel guilty and lazy when we take time out to relax. But it’s one of the healthiest things you can do. Being constantly wound up, busy, running from place to place…really takes it’s toll on your health. Then top it all off with a lack of sleep, and yeah. That’s life. But, if you can take 10 – 20 minutes every now and then to relax and chill, it’s amazing how much more motivated, focused, and happier you will be. Try it. Your mind and body are begging you.

If you want to take a trip to a tropical destination and relax in an infinity pool, I highly recommend that as well. That will require a bit more effort, but it’s worth it.
-Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Back To School In Style.

Brandon_swell stuff
Click through for a few choice street style pics from the SWELL College Ambassador Team… (more…)

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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Dolphins In The Light650

Photo Tip of the Week from our newest photo contributor, Kelsey Finn
First, and MOST IMPORTANT tip I give any aspiring photographer – go out and try. The best way to learn photography is by doing. Anyone can take a photography course and learn the proper terminology. But to become something great, you have to put it into use. Don’t be ashamed or worried of embarrassment, just go out and play!

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SeaMade: The Budget Surf Trip / Baja Edition A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison


SeaMade: ¡Viaje a Baja Norte!

Baja Norte (the northern region of Baja, Mexico for all you gringos) is considered the wild west of Mexico. Countless point breaks, reef breaks, and shore breaks are sure to give you enough paddle time to be arm breakers. Add a ten-story blinking Jesus, donkeys painted like zebras, cha-cha dance offs, vineyards, tacos, tequila, and cantinas and you are sure to get a taste of the real wild west. From my house in Cardiff, I can get to my favorite surf spots and taco stands in less than two hours. It’s hard to believe I’m in such a different element just two hours from home. Read on for tips on Baja travel, surf, eats and more on a budget…

*Pictured above:  Frye Combat Boots / SUPERbrand surfboard (more…)