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Tonight! Video Premiere of Kelly Slater/Andy Iron’s Film, Fly in the Champagne

Slater/Iron’s Fly in the Champagne: A Documentary Rooted in Rivalry
Will Premiere in Selected Theaters February 19th Through March 7th

The much anticipated Andy/Kelly film, Fly in the Champagne will premiere this February/March in 11 locations up and down both coasts of the USA. A rare look into the intense and sometimes very public rivalry between the two most ascendant surfers of their era, the film will undoubtedly create even more interest in these two dominant personalities while providing fascinating insights and behind the scene looks at one of professional surfing’s most long-running competitive duels.

Sponsored by the unlikely duo of the culture’s most iconic brands, Quiksilver and Billabong’s joint support is testimony to the star power of these two surfers as well as the tribal nature of surfing’s cooperative spirit when times are tough.

A Fly in the Champagne will be released on video March 15th.

With only a limited theatrical run from February 19 through March 7th, the expected interest will no doubt be at an all time high. Check the times dates and venues below:


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ASR Fall 2009 Fashion Show


This past ASR runway show made one thing clear: Action sports fashion has taken a turn into the unexpected. Most noticeable was that the key trends for Fall ’09 weren’t solely focused on the customary beachy-bohemian look. True, that feel is still there, but it’s apparent these latest offerings are reaching beyond the beach. I saw the styles as more high fashion, edgy, a little rough around the edges—but still earthy and relaxed. There’s no doubt that this is an exciting change, and the modern looks from the variety of  featured brands will add intense versatility to your wardrobe. Case in point, the majority of the collections can be worn during a day at the beach, in the sand and sun. But when embellished with a little personal flare, the line transforms into a trendsetting statement for an evening out. The following images are set to inspire, so sit back and enjoy the view.





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If there’s an economic slowdown going on you wouldn’t know it from the hardcore partying that’s happening right now at ASR. This time around it’s all about altitude and attitude as many of San Diego’s penthouse clubs are setting the scene for world class DJs, award shows and movie premieres. If you’re in town, click here for the full rundown. Special thanks to Nixon Watches for organizing the party planner.

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The Chargers’ loss wouldn’t have been nearly so painful if there had been some decent size surf to cry in. Better late than never we suppose. By the way, the Hot Jugz we got for Christmas has been a lifesaver! Better make sure you’re in gearbefore the next swell arrives on Saturday. Read on for the full report. (Special thanks to our friends at Mutiny Media.)

Saturday the 17th WNW swell will build along the California coast as waves from the Japanese system begin to fill in. This will be from 280° with periods initially coming in at 18-20 seconds. Calculating the ETA and size this morning, it looks like most all west facing breaks will see head high surf around dawn with possibly spotty sets. Note though that rogue waves running 2-4 feet overhead are likely (albeit sporadic in the early AM). As the swell fills in throughout the morning, sets with waves running 2-3 feet overhead will become more likely at west facing breaks. By the afternoon or evening, top spots could see set waves hitting DOH. Since the periods will be exceptionally long, there will no doubt be disparity in size between breaks of varying bathymetry, where slower-sloped breaks see head high size while at the same time standouts with steep-sloped bathymetry see waves running DOH. Also, since this swell is coming in at a relatively low trajectory (~280°), south facing breaks should pick up a decent amount of wrap. The lengthy periodicity also means power, so heavy waves can be expected. Rip currents will also be a major concern, so caution is strongly advised. This swell-making storm still has a couple more days to pass the Hawaiian longitudes, which could change this forecast slightly. I’ll stay on top of it, and will keep you posted. Also, for a more detailed, visual explanation on this WNW swell for the 17th, check out my latest video surf forecasting blog where I break down what’s going on in the Pacific to make this all come together.

Sunday the 18th should be the peak day for this swell. Most west facing breaks would be looking at sets running 1-3 feet overhead with pluses. Standout west facing breaks are looking at DOH sets. Periods should run about 16 seconds.

Monday the 19th should still see plenty of waves from this swell with sets running 1-3 feet overhead with pluses. Standout west facing breaks are still looking at DOH sets at times. Periods should run about 16 seconds.

Tuesday the 20th this swell should wane as the lagging periods arrive (14 seconds). Still, size is still looking to hover in the 1- to 3-foot overhead range; there should just be fewer pluses, and less disparity in size between breaks.

Wednesday the 21st this swell should back down.

Thursday the 22nd or Friday the 23rd we could see more swell come out of the Western Pacific. This is based on the 108h+ models showing a higher latitude storm spinning off Japan. Preliminary numbers are showing head high swell from 290+, but it is just too early to call this one today. I’ll keep an eye on it though and will keep you posted.