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Call to All Artists!



Enter your designs to be a part of Billabong’s: LOVE PROJECT. The selected design will win $1000 and a chance to have your design walk down the Runway at Billabong’s Design For Humanity Event.

Submission deadline APRIL 5th, 2009!

Visit here for more info!

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Win A $500 Shopping Spree


While other shops are shutting their doors, we can barely keep our product on the shelves. As a token of our appreciation we’re giving away a $500 shopping spree—which should go a long way in helping you look like a million bucks.

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30 Ryde Tees For 30 Days


Swell and The Ryde want to give you the t-shirt off their back. Actually, 30 of them. Starting today through March 19, we’ll be giving away a Ryde t-shirt each day for a month. Impossible, you say? Enter now to find out. And just remember, we’re in the business of making dreams come true.

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San Clemente, CA – The unconventional partnering of Swell, the premiere online surf retailer, and legendary surf shop, Thalia Street Surf, gave birth to  one of the biggest and most unique board giveaways ever! The stoked out winner(s) of the Surfboard Quiver Giveaway were announced on Friday, Jan 16th. A priceless collection of five hand-crafted boards from surfing’s most renowned shapers was the coveted prize.

Swell and Thalia Street Surf Shop conducted the random drawing and contacted the winner – Hillary Springborn, from Newport Beach. Come to find out, she rarely enters sweepstakes, but thought it was perfect for her family of water babies, soon to be groms and long time surfers. The entire excited crew showed up in the SUV to claim their boards and get “I saw it first” rights. Here’s a short interview with Scott Springborn, Hillary’s husband:

Q. Family names and ages:
A. Hillary [mom], Scott [dad], Siena [7 1/2 years old, she made sure I knew she wasn’t 7 but 7 1/2], Kiernen [5] and Grayson [turned 3 on Monday- Happy Birthday indeed!]

Q. How Long Have You Been Surfing?
A. 15 years

Q. Favorite Spot?
A. Blackies, 56th Street, basically any spot in Newport. When I’m by myself I’m surfing 56th, but for surf days with the family it’s always Blackies.

Q. How did you hear about the contest? Have you shopped at Thalia in the past?
A. We heard about it when we saw that ad in Surfer Magazine. Hillary’s mom actually lives in Laguna Beach, so of course we shop at Thalia Street!

Q. Which board are you most excited to ride and why?
A. Ah! The Alaia! That’ll be the one we all fight over! It’s such a unique board and one that I’ve been so interested in trying, but it’s one of those boards that you don’t just go out and buy, so for us to have won it is perfect!

Q. So, last question, if there was one board that you had to giveaway which would it be….and can we have it?
A. Hahaha, sorry guys, but there’s five boards and five Springborns. We’re putting mileage on all of them!!

“With tens of thousands of entries from across the country, we were very excited to learn that the winner was a surfing family from Southern California,” said Stacy Clark, CEO Swell. “The partnership with Thalia Street couldn’t have been better. It’s a great shop with a great team.” 

“We are really excited to have been able to stoke out such a cool family from our own county,” said Nick Cocores, owner Thalia Street Surf Shop. “We can’t believe out of all the entries that a local family won. We want to thank everyone for all their entries and loved the comments.”