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Lower Trestles Raid 2012

The second annual Trestles Raid just went down, and the pack of San Clemente surf rats showed up in force. Led by Riley Metcalf aka “Captain Barbossa” and a crew twice the size as last year shredded in full costume with decorated  boards to boot. The always tense line-up at Lower Trestles only had a few eggy hard board hold-outs who fileted a couple crew members, but they successfully took over the wave and already antsy for the next ambush.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Success was owed to the boys at Catchsurf, who supplied heaps of Odysea Soft-tops, Beater boards, and some explicitly themed shapes. Beater Boy Johnny Redmond was in rare form, rocking the assless chaps and other “foreign objects” to match his uber phallic sled.

Catchsurf boards aren’t your boggy Wavestorm COSTCO board either. The lightweight performance of the Odysea lets you surf it like a shortboard without the thing flexing and flopping down the face. Made in San Clemente Ca, the CatchSurf boys have debunked the soft-top stigma since the beachbreaks are littered with this safe alternative when conditions aren’t optimal for your daily driver.

Check out the whole CatchSurf board here

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Joel Parkinson Reaches Podium at Molokai Paddle Race

Joel Parkinson has pulled out all the stops to make a run for the world title in the home stretch of the 2012 ASP world tour. During the 6 week mid season break from competition he and trainer Wes Berg entered the Molokai to Oahu paddle race across the island-pass known as “The Channel of Bones.” The two Aussies tag-teamed the 32 mi race, taking 20 minute intervals battling through massive oceanic hills and valleys.

Joel Parkinson and Trainer Wes Berg take 3rd place Finish, Parko Paddles in The Flux Trunks

For two months Parko trained for the treacherous conditions of the Ka’iwi Channel, and his 3rd place finish exceeded his expected result “We were hoping for a top five finish, so to finish in the top three was huge for us,” he remarked of his first attempt at the race. Ironically, Parko also sits at #3 in the world surf tour rankings but the twelve year pro has his sights set on the title. With small conditions expected for the US Open of Surfing in Huntington this week,  his arms are conditioned to catch any ripple in the lineup. Then it’s off to the Billabong Pro Tahiti where he’s never cracked the final round.

Parko’s new boost of confidence from the Molokai race is bolstered by his equipment that he claims is at it’s best. Despite some scrapes and bruises, he is pretty much indestructible “My knees are bleeding and I’m sunburned and the rest of me is pretty beat up, but I feel incredible.”

makua rothman

Makua and Marcus pumped Reggae beats all day in the chase boat

Joel’s hi-performance approach to his world title campaign has him working closely with sponsors to develop gear to keep him safely shredding in the next event that is the hands-down deadliest wave on tour. Two key elements he relies on for the upcoming contests are his signature boardshorts and JS surfboard.

Platinum X technology provides Parko with ergonomic agility and won’t balloon up like a parachute during high risk drops at the upcoming Tahiti venue. He wore the Billabong performance trunks during the 32 mi Molokai Race and avoided thigh rashes that often sideline paddlers and surfers. This recycler series boardshort has won multiple awards for “Boardshort of the Year” from the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).  Get Joel’s signature shorts here.

joel parkinson

Joel’s signature model has been built direct from the design which saw him win 3 back to back world tour events. Even with so many good boards in his quiver, this is THE board he will be using at the upcoming grovel-fest at the US Open of Surfing. The Black Box embodies the all around reflection of what Joel’s surfing has become, smooth, fast and on edge.  See the Jason Stevenson (JS) shapes here.

js surfboards

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SUP Essentials – 5 Must Have Stand Up Paddle Accessories

Stand Up Paddling is one of the fastest growing beach activities in recent memory. It’s fun, it’s easy and it gets you out there even when the wave machine shuts off entirely (ie. our whole last month in SoCal!) Since summer is in full swing and people are hitting up their local bodies of water with boards and paddles in hand, I thought I’d let you folks in on some crucial SUP accessories that I have personally scoped out. Here’s my list of the 5 best SUP accessories for this season:




Be prepared for the worst with the SUP survival PFD (personal floatation device). This bugger inflates with a rip cord and CO2 cartridge just like those fancy ones on the airplane. Besides giving you some added security, it also includes a zip pocket for securely stashing your keys, fishing license, sunscreen or shades.

In certain harbors or beaches, the water patrol will require you to carry a PFD anyways so why not cover all your bases with this compact lifesaving device. Otherwise you can lug around a heavy foam jacket or risk getting a ticket.


surf sup xcel 1mm reef boots

During extended sweeping sessions your feet are sure take a thrashing. Pruney, sunburnt feet are standard, and when you add rocks, urchins or coral in the mix it’s never good for your lower digits.

The Xcel 1mm split toe boots give the most sensitive of feet full protection without being overly cumbersome. They are lightweight, breath well and help you stick to your board. Shoots!

SUP surf top quiksilver waterman surf top

The Quiksilver Waterman Poly Pro zip Paddle jacket is perfect for all types of Paddling. The cut is slightly looser with a crew neck so it’s breathable and non-constricting. A full zipper at front allows you to zip it down when it gets hot, or zip it up when the onshores start blowing.

This jacket is made from a water wicking, poly pro material that blocks out both harmful UV rays and chilly ocean breezes. Like a lot of the Waterman line the Zip Paddle Jacket also includes a handy utility pocket at back perfect for sunscreen, ipod , ham sandwich or anything else you need to keep closeby.


stand up paddle fcs surf leash

The FCS SUP leash is the only stand up paddle leash that combines elements of both a standard leash and a coiled SUP leash. Unlike other leashes out there the FCS SUP leash features a non-coiled end that extends over your board. This means less tangles and no more tripping over a bunched up leash end close to your feet.

It comes in ankle and calf versions depending on your preference.




Dakine SUP deck traction pad

Whether you are surfing your stand up or taking it on a marathon paddle, the Dakine traction will keep you glued to your board and feel great under your feet.

The specially formulated EVA won’t add a bunch of weight to your board and will help absorb the shocks caused by rough seas and choppy waters. A lot like the cushions in your shoes, the Dakine deck pad will offer a more comfortable ride especially for extended sessionss

The check out all of our SUP gear and boards click here!

Your favorite accessory not listed? Let us know what yours is in the comments below!

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Nathan Fletcher -Surf and Style

Two decades after pioneering aerials in San Clemente beachbreaks, Nathan Fletcher blew everyone’s mind again with “The Heaviest Wave Ever Ridden” in Tahiti last year. It sparked yet another comeback in his pro surfing career that has earned him the title of an antihero of our sport. Awarded with the best overall big-wave performance of 2011, he non-nonchalantly pushes the envelope and escapes death on a regular basis. When asked if surfing has made him a rich man, he responded “Yes…but not with money.”

Listen to Nathan retell his historic session that started with hitchhiking to chopes that morning.
*Warning: This will give you goosebumps

Its no coincidence that he represents brands with mottos like “unlikely futures” being that he lives in a trailer and casually converses about the expectation of drowning. But his superior surfing ability does not share the same affinity for the spotlight as today’s youth. He quit surfing at the age of 16 because the spotlight seemed lame to him, and the tattoo on his calf “KILL ME” further explains his disdain for stardom.

Who knew that not giving a damn about anything translated into iconic style.
Here’s how he does it

Nixon Watches: In his quest for that one wave that pays the bills all year long, Nathan relies on Nixon tide watches to stay dialed into the best surf conditions.

Stretch surfboards: His signature bat tailed “The Thing” board pushes the limits of progressive surfing. That’s right, at the age of 36 he’s still punting new-school aerials.

Analog Clothing: Don’t get caught looking like every other schmuck in town. Analog deisgns clothes for antiheros like Fletcher, Chippa and Koby Abberton.

Vans Footwear: Classic, simple, and timeless just like Mr Fletcher himself.

Oakley Sunglasses: Heavy travel calls for bullet proof gear…and these lenses are actually bulletproof.

“Nathan is a F–king legend” -Herbie Fletcher