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How to Body Surf: Equipment and Techniques

Forgot to bring your board to the beach? Want to body surf like Cunningham? Here are some tips that will get you out there and dropping in like the pros. This article won’t teach how to swim, so use your common sense and know your limits at the beach.

Why body surf?

- Experience the wave in a more natural way
- Good skill for when you snap your leash
- It’s just darn fun


Fins: Good fins are crucial for bodysurfing. A solid pair of fins will give you that extra propulsion to match the speed of a wave and race down the line.

You will want a surf fin (aka swim fin), NOT a diving fin. What’s the difference? A surf fin has an open heel and does not look like a shoe at the back. If you are trying to body surf with dive fins, water will fill up the shoe pocket and easily rip them off your feet when you get pounded by a wave.

A great fin for body surfing is the DaFin Swim Fin. This is the fin used by lifeguards on the North Shore and waterman up and down the coast. It features soft foots pockets that are easy on your feet and are not foot specific. That means you won’t have to look at your feet or fumble with right and left fins when you are putting them on in a hurry.

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How To Make a Surfboard

Take a one-minute tour of SUPERbrand’s Coolangatta (Australia) offices to see how a board is made…

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Battle of the Boardshorts: Quik Pro Gear Review

When you hear touring surfers say “I’ve been focusing on my equipment a lot lately” they’re not just talking about working with shapers. With today’s seven figure prize purses, surfers spend the off-season in Olympic style training facilities, boosting into foam pits, and testing new competitive sportswear technology like they were Apolo Ohno.

The first stop on the World Championship meant the unveiling of the world’s best surfers’ new signature designs they rely on for the marathon 9-month dream tour. The challenging conditions at the Quiksilver Pro Snapper Rocks required competitors to generate their own speed, rather than the wave propelling them through sections. Judges awarded the highest scores for aerial maneuvers, a trick that would be impossible with the constricting old nylon trunks of yesteryear.

Here’s a few of our favorite world title contenders, and the trunks they depended on for max agility and performance.

Slater’s Cyhper Nomad trunks feature a diamond dobby fabric that reduces contact with skin, therefore minimizing the dreaded “balloning” or trapped water that acts like a parachute. Kelly landed an equal 5th, which we hope retains his interest to pursue #12.

Jordy’s semi-final finish came via powerful railwork and 100m long combos. He had to muscle his big frame extra hard in the soft conditions, but managed to whip his tail around and take out contest favorite Joel Parkinson. His O’Neill Neurosis features 4-way epic stretch technology helped him blow up, and start his 2012 world title campaign.

Daynolds’ tour aspiration are less predictable than Slater’s, but we always know he’ll put on a show. In just two heats, he stomped 3 of the best 5 maneuvers of the contest. His freakishly agile and aptly named Cypher Revolt boardshorts features a poly-spandex fabric blend.

Platinum-X Flux trunks by Billabong have ergonomic panels and water-repellant epic stretch fabric. His attention to those features have kept him a title threat into his 12th year on tour.

Taj’s intense dedication to training and equipment paid off with a victory at the 2012 Quiksilver Pro. His ocean friendly trunks made from recycled plastic bottles fall just above the knee. His Komplete shorts use zero gravity quad stretch, so they can have a less baggy fit without restricting motion. CONGRATS TAJ!!!

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Costa Rica Surf Trip: Part 5

I can’t believe it’s already been a week and my stay in Costa Rica has come to an end. In all, this has
to be one of the best trips I have ever taken. Costa Rica was amazing with it’s breathtaking beaches, rich culture, and friendly locals but I actually learned a lot on this trip. Through my stay at School of the World, I was able to improve on my surfing, test out my skills at yoga, and managed to learn some Spanish. If you are like me and get bored easily, I recommend learning vacations as a new way of traveling. Not only did I have a chance to take my long awaited girl’s vacation with my closest friends, but I learned some new skills and met some passionate travelers from all around the world.

Costa Rica will always have a place in my heart, and I definitely will be coming back!