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Win-It-Wednesday: Neff Shark Week Swag

In celebration of 25 toothy years of Shark Week, Neff is hooking up a Sharky bag of swag for Win It Wednesday. Add some irony to your beach bag with a shark bag, daily shades, and drifter tee.

Here’s how you win
1. Fill out the entry form
2. Leave a comment on Facebook: why do you want to win?
3. Earn extra entries: SHARE this sweeps and earn 5 extra entries for each friend who enters.

Neff’s surf team has just as much flare as their clothes, each of whom are tops in their respective areas of the sport; veteran and rookie competitors, free-surfers, and juniors. See if you know who we’re talking about in the Neff highlight reel.

It may seem weird that most surfers support saving the shark populations, but we deal with plenty of inherent risks in our sport. Shark Week best describes this conundrum of marine ecology, and debunks Spielberg’s Jaws stigma. Read 9 Gnarly Shark tales of the year here.

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Nine Gnarly Shark Tales

Here’s our favorite shark stories from the last year on the SWELL Blog. Celebrate 25 toothy years of Shark Week by tuning into the Discovery Channel on Sunday 8/12/2012.

1. France hunts Sharks in Reunion Island Marine Sanctuary After Attacks on Surfers

In a highly controversial decision to protect surfers and tourism in Reunion island, professional poachers were commissioned to kill off the local shark population to deal with the ongoing shark attack problem.  Reunion Island is home of Pipemasters Champion Jeremy Flores who joined the controversial culling of sharks in the marine sanctuary, by tweeting “And now that they’ve tasted human blood, they love it,and they will charge any humans crossing their way!” The debate is far from over.

2. Dusty Payne Spots Shark at Rip Curl Pro Search Ocean Beach

After spotting the 12ft great white shark, Payne warned Jordy then quickly surfed his way to the sand during the 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco. The threat was serious enough to make him forget about the $425,000 and was visible spooked all day. Read more here.

See Dusty get spooked at 1:48

3. iPhone App Tracks Great White Sharks

If you’re ever wondering if there’s a shark in the line-up, well… there’s and app for that. The Expedition White Shark App tracks tagged Great White Sharks in real time all over the world. It also tell you if there’s been an attack at the beach you surf, and other helpful info about “the man in the grey suit.” Keep you friends close and your enemies closer for only $3.99. Read more here

4. Cardiff Kook Statue Spoof

In the most ornate culture jamming attack on The Kook” to date, an anonymous local built a 25 ft paper-mache Carcharodon carcharias (aka Whitey) around the loathed statue that cost the city of Cardiff over $125,000. The bronzed surfer is officially named “The Magic Carpet Ride” and is frequently yet harmlessly vandalized for its surfing pose that lacks the style and/or accuracy of any surfing era. Read more here.

5. Freedivers Encounter a Grey Reef Shark in Maui

A group of lifeguards from Laguna Beach were free diving about 300 yards off the coast of Ka’anapali, Maui and captured this amazing footage with their GoPro HD If you listen closely you can hear the humpback whales singing in the background and then at 1:20 the boys have a close encounter with a grey reef shark.

6. Viral Shark Memes: True or Farce?

Thanks to Spielberg nothing gets people’s attention like a good shark scare, and clever photoshoppers are cashing in on our eagerness to witness a close encounter with our favorite apex predator. Even Yahoo has falsely posted doctored shark photo.

Can you guess which shark meme is real? 1) Saffa Kite Surfer on the Run. 2) Shark tank bursts into lobby. 3) Shark “tails” Kayaker.

7. Chuck Patteron SUPs with Sharks

SUP champ and international waterman legend, Chuck Patterson sent a shiver down every San Clemente surfer’s spine when he filmed a close encounter with 2 Great White just past the break in San Onfre. Watch Chuck stick his GoPro in the path of the kelp cruising predators, and they give him a warning tail whip.

8. Shark Researcher Falls Overboard onto 14ft Great White

Friend of SWELL Jeremy Fridmond was working as a Shark Week Researcher off the coast of South Africa when he got bucked onto the back of an enraged Great White. See how the ex-Laguna Beach lifeguard escaped certain death in the interview here.

9. Shark themed apparel now available on SWELL here

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Lower Trestles Raid 2012

The second annual Trestles Raid just went down, and the pack of San Clemente surf rats showed up in force. Led by Riley Metcalf aka “Captain Barbossa” and a crew twice the size as last year shredded in full costume with decorated  boards to boot. The always tense line-up at Lower Trestles only had a few eggy hard board hold-outs who fileted a couple crew members, but they successfully took over the wave and already antsy for the next ambush.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Success was owed to the boys at Catchsurf, who supplied heaps of Odysea Soft-tops, Beater boards, and some explicitly themed shapes. Beater Boy Johnny Redmond was in rare form, rocking the assless chaps and other “foreign objects” to match his uber phallic sled.

Catchsurf boards aren’t your boggy Wavestorm COSTCO board either. The lightweight performance of the Odysea lets you surf it like a shortboard without the thing flexing and flopping down the face. Made in San Clemente Ca, the CatchSurf boys have debunked the soft-top stigma since the beachbreaks are littered with this safe alternative when conditions aren’t optimal for your daily driver.

Check out the whole CatchSurf board here

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Joel Parkinson Reaches Podium at Molokai Paddle Race

Joel Parkinson has pulled out all the stops to make a run for the world title in the home stretch of the 2012 ASP world tour. During the 6 week mid season break from competition he and trainer Wes Berg entered the Molokai to Oahu paddle race across the island-pass known as “The Channel of Bones.” The two Aussies tag-teamed the 32 mi race, taking 20 minute intervals battling through massive oceanic hills and valleys.

Joel Parkinson and Trainer Wes Berg take 3rd place Finish, Parko Paddles in The Flux Trunks

For two months Parko trained for the treacherous conditions of the Ka’iwi Channel, and his 3rd place finish exceeded his expected result “We were hoping for a top five finish, so to finish in the top three was huge for us,” he remarked of his first attempt at the race. Ironically, Parko also sits at #3 in the world surf tour rankings but the twelve year pro has his sights set on the title. With small conditions expected for the US Open of Surfing in Huntington this week,  his arms are conditioned to catch any ripple in the lineup. Then it’s off to the Billabong Pro Tahiti where he’s never cracked the final round.

Parko’s new boost of confidence from the Molokai race is bolstered by his equipment that he claims is at it’s best. Despite some scrapes and bruises, he is pretty much indestructible “My knees are bleeding and I’m sunburned and the rest of me is pretty beat up, but I feel incredible.”

makua rothman

Makua and Marcus pumped Reggae beats all day in the chase boat

Joel’s hi-performance approach to his world title campaign has him working closely with sponsors to develop gear to keep him safely shredding in the next event that is the hands-down deadliest wave on tour. Two key elements he relies on for the upcoming contests are his signature boardshorts and JS surfboard.

Platinum X technology provides Parko with ergonomic agility and won’t balloon up like a parachute during high risk drops at the upcoming Tahiti venue. He wore the Billabong performance trunks during the 32 mi Molokai Race and avoided thigh rashes that often sideline paddlers and surfers. This recycler series boardshort has won multiple awards for “Boardshort of the Year” from the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).  Get Joel’s signature shorts here.

joel parkinson

Joel’s signature model has been built direct from the design which saw him win 3 back to back world tour events. Even with so many good boards in his quiver, this is THE board he will be using at the upcoming grovel-fest at the US Open of Surfing. The Black Box embodies the all around reflection of what Joel’s surfing has become, smooth, fast and on edge.  See the Jason Stevenson (JS) shapes here.

js surfboards